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Instagram now allows zoom in Photos and Videos

instagram zoom

The guys Instagram lately are unstoppable. A few weeks ago launched Instagram Stories, a new feature to share little stories as a photo or video to the purest Snapchat style, and now have returned to update your application to add the zoom feature.

At the moment the only users who can enjoy this zoom function are those with an iOS device, while Android will have to wait several more weeks yet. Here we have more details about this new feature that lets you zoom in on an image or video. Let’s go there!

instagram zoom

Now you can increase the size of the photos and videos on Instagram

The application Instagram for iOS has recently been updated to include several new features, the most exciting which allows zooming. In this way, users can zoom in on an image or video to see it in more detail by pinching the screen, a gesture that holders of a smartphone are already accustomed.

On the other hand, another of the new features included in the new version of the app for iOS is that we have added a new button that appears when the camera detects that is going to make a photo or video in low light conditions. Thus, they may achieve better results

instagram zoom

Finally, they have also made several bug fixes and improvements Stories Instagram, so it is much faster to share a story with the rest of your followers.

Remember that the new function to zoom in the photo social network is only available in the app for iOS. Android users do not have to worry, because as reported from Instagram, also can enjoy it over the next few weeks.

What do you think this new feature of Instagram?

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