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How to improve the Battery of your iPhone 7

improve battery iPhone 7

As announced by Apple, the iPhone 7 Battery offers two more hours of duration than its predecessor, the iPhone 6s, and an hour more than the 6s Plus.

However, there have been many reported cases where the brand new iPhone 7 have problems of battery. This is why, in appleplans, we tell you advice in order to improve the life of the battery of your mobile so I can use it to the fullest during the day.

Expectations of the battery iPhone 7

Before I go into the tips to improve it, we left you the statistics, the average performance of the battery of the iPhone 7. If you notice that these averages don’t come to your mobile phone battery, then you wouldn’t be giving his best level.

It is important to understand that the battery can vary depending on their performance on how to use the phone. For example, if you listen to music from your bookstore consumes less than using an application such as Spotify, which makes it via 4 G or wi-fi.

improve battery iPhone 7

From the section of settings > Battery, we will be able to observe the use of the battery from his last full load. These data show us how much time they used the mobile and as soon as he was at rest without use, consuming battery, too, since there are applications in the background that are still working.

Now that we let you make it clear what you should expect from the battery of your iPhone 7, and how to track their operation, we left you these recommendations in order to be able to take advantage and enjoy more of a battery of best duration.

Location Services

When installing a new application is usually the permission for you to know our location. Allow this creates a strong impact on the battery, given that continually will use the GPS in the background.

To avoid it, you must go to Settings > Privacy > Services of location. There you can disable the function to the applications that you want.

improve battery iPhone 7

Updates in the Background

The work multitasking that performs the allows the applications that alone will be updated in the background. Although Apple beheld this minimizing possible the expenditure of battery, is something that consumes battery yes or yes.

To deactivate you must go to Settings > General > update in the background, and in there you will have the possibility to deactivate them all, or you think necessary.

Sign of network

If you are a great part of the day in places where the coverage of your network is NOT 4G, you should consider using 3G. Why should you? Because The Radio 4G consumes more battery, something that is unnecessary if you don’t have that cover all the time. To To change it to 3G you must go to Settings > General > Enable / Disable 4G, where you click disable.

Use the battery saving mode

This way, already known and proven in previous versions, serves to when there is a little battery, and we want to extend. It is based on saving energy deactivating the updates in the background, visual effects, and automatic downloads, among other things.

Apple confirms that this way the battery can have 3 hours of additional life. To access this way you must go to Settings > Battery.

improve battery iPhone 7


In spite of everything, take care your battery depends a lot on the use you to give him one day at a time. Other options for the care of battery is to change the update frequency of e-mails, face down, leave the iPhone for that are not active always, get the wallpapers dynamic and disable the visual effects.

Do you use any of these tips to care for your Battery? The Battery of your iPhone 7 pays well?

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