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How to take screenshots, record video and connect controller on Apple TV 4

Apple’s new Apple TV set-top box is providing us with a lot more features and functions than before, it has several packs of new goodies for its users that are definitely going to blow your mind off, it is incredibly amazing! This time it is providing users with an underlying hardware that provides the Apple TV with a lot more of power and capabilities. Good news is that Apple TV is providing its users with a new Siri Remote control that is not only ravishingly in looks but also offers you with a voice support to some definite parts of the Apple TV experience.

Apple TV is also providing its consumers with a new operating system which is called tvOS, along with that a full curate Apple TV app store. Isn’t that amazing? Didn’t that seize your attention ? I’ sure it did. Oh, and if you want some more features like the ability to capture screenshots and record videos, you might want to just carry on reading and figure yourself out, what more Apple TV is offering you with.

Taking Screenshots on Apple TV 4

take a screen shot on iphone

Capturing a screenshot on a TV? Never heard of it before, huh? Well, Apple TV is providing you with this opportunity. Capturing a screenshot may not be as simple as capturing a screenshot on any other Apple device like IPhone, or IPads. Well it involves a few steps which are easy to follow along with this it also involves installing additional tools from the Mac App store. You can easily capture a screenshot from an Apple TV by following the steps that are mentioned below.

Step 1: Initiate the Mac App store on your MacBook ir iMac. Search “Apple’s Xcode development environment” and download it. just if you are thinking its cost, you might want to know, it’s for free.

Step 2: After it is installed, connect your computer with the Apple TV via a USB-C or a simple USB cable.

Step 3: Launch the lately installed Xcode application. You can easily find it in your Applications folder.

Step 4: When launched, select the window option from the menu on the top.

Step 5: Select Devices.

Step 6: Select the connected Apple TV from the list of displayed devices. Click on Take Screenshot option.

Record Videos on Apple TV 4

take an iphone screenshot

One more amazing feature that Apple TV 4 is offering you, is recording videos. This feature is extremely rare in all televisions but Apple is a bit unique, we all know that. To record videos on Apple TV 4, there are some simple and easy steps that you need to follow. If you want to know more, keep on reading mate.

Step 1: Via a USB-C or a USB cable, connect your Apple TV with your iMac or MacBook.

Step 2: open the local QuickTime Player App that ships with OS X. This maybe in located in your Applications folder or using Apple’s spotlight search feature, you might find it.

Step 3: After launching QuickTime, you may find “File” from the top menu, select New Movie Recording.

Step 4: The resulting user-interface will have a familiar-looking record button on it. Click on the arrow that is facing down to the side of it to manufacture a new appropriate menu. Now select Apple TV under both the Camera and Microphone options.

Step 5: Click on the Record button to start your recording and have fun.

Pair a game controller to the new Apple TV

The Apple TV is now accessible, introducing a new interface and the capability to install applications and games on the platform for the first time ever!

With the help of the Apple TV remote you can play games, but it does not loan itself to the finest experience. Purchasing a compatible controller, for instance, the Steel Series Nimbus Wireless Controller, you can easily and rapidly pair it up with the Apple’s recently released black box and get yon with your game. For this you got to follow a few simple and easy steps which are mentioned below for you.

Step 1: initiate the Setting app on your Apple TV.

screenshot on tablet

Step 2: Select Remote and Devices, for this you have to scroll down.

take a screen shot on iphone

Step 3: Put the controller on pairing mode. ( You might have to turn it on and hold it in the pairing mode for a few seconds)

Step 4: When the Apple TV will detect the controller it will be saved as an available device in it. Scroll down and select the controller.

Well, that’s all folks. Here you have your controller connected to the Apple TV.

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