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How To Speed up Your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with iOS 9 or Previous Guide

With the release of iPhone OS 9 and in general of a new mobile operating system Apple, the older devices are affected by the weight update.
This means that they tend to slow down and decrease their performance.
In this guide you can find out definitively, how to speed up your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with several tips and settings to apply.

iphone speed up

With iOS 9 Apple wanted to improve their operating system, improving safety and optimizing the various applications and functions.
In this way the system is more secure, but at the same time a bit ‘slower, even the most basic operations, especially for older devices.

This ultimate guide will discover how to speed in various ways your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, with iOS 9 or earlier.
Obviously we are aware, that block all of the following functions of IOS, significa castrate him Dispositivo, but if you do not use, or if you want to sacrifice some utilities have a greater overall speed, you are reading the right article.

Clean install of iOS

iphone speed up

The first tip is to clean installation of the operating system.
Surely you’ve heard of this type of procedure, but if you don’t know what it is I’ll explain it.

When you are about to upgrade your device to a new version contains many new features, such as the transition from iOS 8.4.1 to iOS 9, or even from 9 to iOS iOS 9.1, it is always recommended to perform a clean installation.
To make it you have to download the update data from iTunes, restore your phone and update it and then restore your backup, you made earlier.
In this way the various useless files created with the use of your device, They will be totally eliminated and the overall speed of the device will increase.

Removing Jailbreak

The jailbreak if used heavily, installing different applications and tweak, It tends to slow down your device.
If you do not want to do without unlocking, you can still keep Cydia, but try to eliminate all unused tweak to increase the speed of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

When you upgrade to a new version of iOS, starting from an unlocked version, you must always perform a clean installation (The guide is in the top paragraph), to remove all the data related to the jailbreak.

Free memory RAM

iphone speed up

Often I hold the device of a relative or friend, who never closes the app in the background.
These occupy the RAM memory of the device, the speed of which is then, often slightly, undermined.
On the new iPhone 6s perhaps the situation is not as urgent, since it has 2GB of RAM, the same argument instead is not valid for earlier models with only 1 GB of memory. What to do then ?

Double-click the home button and close the app one by one it is not the best solution, as iOS’ll quickly in memory the initial information of the app.
Then , the correct method is to free RAM:

  • Press and hold the power button.
  • When you see the slide to power off, press and hold the Home button.
  • The screen returns to the home of the device and, even if there are apps in the multitasking, the RAM has been properly emptied.

Delete browsing data in Safari

The navigation data from Safari tend to accumulate over time, filling the device memory and slowing down the browser, And ‘it recommended therefore eliminate once every 5-6 months, but clearly it depends on what you do with your web browser.

To do this just go to Settings, Safari where you can tap on “Clear data websites and history” written in blue.

Turn off automatic updates of applications

iphone speed upiphone speed upiphone speed up

For some years now, iOS allows automatic installation of updates in the background.A very useful feature for those who want to keep all applications up to date, but clearly slows the device for work, it has to do in the background.

To deactivate them just go to Settings, General, update app in the background.
Here you can choose to keep the active option only for some critical applications, or turn it off completely.

Block automatic downloads of podcasts

If you use multiple podcasts on iTunes, it is likely that the application you download them in the background in order to listen more and the new installment directly from our iDevice. Obviously also this function consumes the memory of the device, and although minimally, tends to slow it down.

To deactivate them just go to Settings, Podcasts and disable the “Update in the background”.

Disable Siri

iphone speed up

Siri is the voice assistant of iOS, we can provide help in various situations, but clearly one can decide not to use it ever.
If you are one of these, you can turn off the voice assistant Apple in Settings, General, Siri.
Also on iOS 9 in the research spotlight are the suggestions of Siri.
Turning them off will increase the speed of the device and to do this you just go to Settings, General, Spotlight Tips and off the tips of Siri.
Also on iPhone 6S Assistant remains active in the background waiting for your “Hey Siri”, who once pronounced, activate the service.
Of course you can disable this option by going to Settings, General, Siri and disabling “Allow Hey Siri”.

Turn off visual effects

iOS 7 introduced several graphic effects, to be managed, slow down device.
Turn them off is very simple, just go to Settings, General, Accessibility and activate “Reduce Movement”.
In the same section there is also “Sharpen”, from where you can activate “Reduce transparency”, “Color Burn” and “Reduce white point”.
These last three options, as well as speed up your device, you will consume less battery.

Turning off all of these settings will not have the most beautiful graphic effects, but overall the speed of your device will increase a lot.

Delete unused data

Delete unused data from your device, it can always be a good way to speed it up and free up some ‘memory.
Every time you look at the applications, photos, videos, music, messages, email attachments and WhatsApp and other types of files or documents.
If not frequently used, delete them.
Obviously if you do not want to lose your data, but you need to remove them from your device, you can sync it with iTunes.

Other than that I recommend you eliminate unused keyboards to load faster text entry screens.

Use native applications

iphone speed up

Native applications on iOS are those made by Apple and clearly are well optimized.
If you want to have good performance is recommended to use this app instead of other produced by third parties, because it certainly will not be optimized so well.
Then choose Safari as a web browser instead of Chrome, the native application like Mail email client, Weather for weather forecasting, etc. Camera to take pictures.

This is what you can do to speed up your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. By following these tips, you will go certainly to affect a lot on the speed of your device.
Our advice is to try them all and then decide which functions off completely and keep them active in the speed of your iDevice.
Some advice may have little influence on the speed, but overall no doubt be able to get good results.

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