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How To Remove Number From Truecaller Directory

As we use PC and Smartphone from day to day routine. These devices make our lives simpler and easier.
We have access to the Internet on these devices and access to services to help you get information and entertainment.
Many websites, applications, games are available for our devices
Smartphone applications are increasing rapidly after the Android OS market entry.
Android is an open source operating system for mobile devices, so that attracts developers.
Millions of different applications are available in the Play Store.
I already listed a few best android apps and for games lovers also listed out best android games.
Although many applications are available which help to find useful information.
Fundamental purpose of mobile is calling so we their are some applications which helps to enhance the calling features.
As we all want to know who is calling from unknown cell phone number.
we all want to know who is calling from unknown mobile numbers.
There are many sites available on the Internet for this information.
But for Smartphone TrueCaller is a popular application to trace a mobile user location and name.
TrueCaller has the whole global phone number directory.
You can easily trace the number when you get calls from unknown number.
But TrueCaller totally destroy your privacy phone number.
If you call the unknown person by mistake or dialed a wrong number, then it will become serious problem.
So to ensure that the details of the mobile phone number we need to remove it.
Our main motivation is to ensure and maintain our number privacy.
If you want to know how to remove your number TrueCaller then read this article because, today we will discuss the method to remove the TrueCaller database.

Method To Remove Your Number TrueCaller Directory.

Step 1. Open your Web browser and type the following URL without the quotes and press enter


Step 2. Now you see the Truecaller Unlist Phone Number Web Page. Scroll the page down.

Remove Number Truecaller Directory

Step 3. In this page, you need to select some options like the reason, the captcha verification and verification code and enter your phone number, etc.

Step 4. Once you have completed the form, you must click on the button that do not appear blue Once your number is successfully removed from the database TrueCaller.

Remove Number Truecaller Directory

Note: Before removing your number You must deactivate your TrueCaller account so TrueCaller check the current owner of the number.

I hope you enjoy this method and successfully removed number TrueCaller app. Don’t forget to share with others.

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