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How to Plan, Design and Develop an App Properly [Developers Guide]

If you tend to Surprise about the next big app quite often then you probably think like an administrator and as a radical person you are certain that innovations are usually not as easy as just imagining about them is. All of you may agree that it is an appalling thing to convert ones imagination into a realistic thing.

Besides, coping with the design and build of an app, you also need to consider the benefit of the end user and also make sure if they will approve your particular app.

However, one hindrance in making your app popular among people is that people hardly get over their old habits, and so, it is not an easy task to make people overcome their past habits and make them adopt new ways of working around apps, even if it is beneficial for them.

This situation is where the question of bundling or unbundling pops up. In today’s tech- dominated world, many entrepreneurs have worked towards the idea of designing and inventing an app that can offer as an alternative for multiple apps at a single time. However, the results have not been really up to the mark to actually make a difference.

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Just like others, I faced this problem of bundling and unbundling. It is disappointing how a number of apps have to be used just to communicate with friends and family.

Everyone awaits an app that could simply serve as an integrated app instead of the usual inconvenient movement in between apps to communicate with couple of people at the same time.

Research has concluded that bundled apps have been largely unsuccessful. And there are many reasons and solutions to these apps as well, which are highly appreciated by the audience.

The two main elements that are definitive, and influence the prospect of bundled app are the design of app and advertising of that app.

Designing the Application

The design phase is the groundwork of any app, whether bundled or unbundled app. If every other function was bundled up into one single app then that would most likely result in a huge mess.

The only single thing that is, app design holds a lot of importance and influences other aspects. Basically, four benchmarks that are, core idea, a plan, a layout, and functionality form the justifications of whether or not your app will live up to the expectations and hopes of the users.

The Core Idea

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Ignored needs of the customers can act as a source of irritation for the end users. As an administrator, looking forward to making an app, there has to be a bigger picture that is, an idea acting as a driving force. And for this, you need brainstorming.

In order to conclude successive brainstorming sessions you need to divide everyone into groups. This activity will result in productive ideas for the app.

Moreover, this helps in channeling out the ideas as the participants can speak without any restrictions or dominations.

Productive brainstorming can be done in the following ways:

  • Listing: focus on your current requirement and start listing down ideas. Once you have plenty of points you can go nto the next step and plan accordingly.
  • Mapping: This action maps down diverse perspectives and ideas from one point. Basically, starts from the central point and leads to forming a whole map of ideas. Once you are over with this you will notice a series of brilliant ideas for your app.
  • Outline: An outline helps present a gist of all the main ideas and mentions the whole app plan in a brief way while quoting the strategies to follow as well.

The Plan

Following the previous step, construct a plan for the execution of the build for your app. Now is the time to decide on designing a bundled app or an unbundled one.

This process is the most lengthy and expensive, so it is highly advisable that you consider the upcoming steps and the ongoing ones too, in detail.

Take the following points into account while designing the app:

  • Your budget: Budget is one of the main factors that you should take into consideration, while developing app, because you need to know where you stand, financially. You should keep in mind that you will have to completely dedicate your investment which involves employing a team of developers, programmers, marketers, and designers. It is advisable for you to use App Cost Estimator, at size, platforms, data storage, user experience etc aids you to plan your app wisely.
  • User need: As an app maker you need to know the latest happening, demands, trends and all such stuff based mostly on your personal interests. An advisable tool to use is Zite. It is an app that updates you about the most recent trends, events and needs based on your interests.
  • Features: after you have achieved the summary of the whole idea and what you need to do to complete the app, the app requires you to spend time on its features, those that can be fully combined into the app to give the user a good overall experience of the app. Decide on all the features you need to provide the app with, in order to achieve the best final result. Bundles app requires more features than unbundled app. Make your app use the most recent features and updates.
  • Mobile app platforms and ecosystems:

You also need to decide whether you will launch your app for iOS or android users. While android has the most users, iOS users spend more as compared to android users. It might be a hard decision but to ease out your worries read the article by Ken Yarmosh that focuses more on details of both such as, pros and cons.

Planning an app and its design is the most basic level of development of you app. However, minor problems might occur here and there throughout the process so, make sure you have a plan B or some sort of alterations planned out.

Designing the Layout

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This focuses on how your app appears to the users. This is also the main reason why app stores display screenshots on the top of the page of any particular app.

Mentioned below are the main factors you need to take in to account for an enhanced user experience.

  • Clarity: Simplification matters most as it makes your app user-friendly. Applications developed using clean user interface are easy to use and understand. Bundled apps require more simplicity so that the users don’t get confused or disturbed understanding the app.
  • Consistency: Consistency is the core idea. The screens should be persistent otherwise users might dislike your app and discourage it due to lack of consistency.
  • Functionality: Button that you use in your app should operate easily and link to the sensors correctly. Users prefer immediate reply to a tap on the functional button within the app.
  • Navigation: the primary options of user interface in reference to navigation are the placing of buttons, display of menu and lay out of texts. Focus on all of these!
  • User: Assess your app from the view point of a user and then answer some questions like, is my app user-friendly? Is the interface quick? Now apply the solutions and check to see if, from the user point-of-view, your app is perfect.
  • Brand equity:Most importantly, you NEED to insert your particular brand elements in the interface of your app.


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Reaching to this step means that your app has been developed up to 50 percent or above. All you have to do now is confirm that all the features are inter-connected and work as a team smoothly. This specifically works out perfectly for bundled apps.

Run the following steps to make sure your app works perfectly fine:

  • Take your time: it is quite time-consuming to find errors in your app and the fixing it is another long step. Therefore, you need to dedicate a lot of your time locate and adjust the bug. Check your app with Applause, which enables genuine testing.
  • Catch the bug: after catching the error, test your app again and again in order to locate more errors and to stay updated. After your app has been thoroughly checked fix the errors.
  • Fix it: Run unit tests and then apply your coded fix for the app. If your tests are successful and bug free then it indicates that your app is without any error and runs perfectly, without crashing.

The apps are increasingly trend and become more popular than they ever were. And mind you, your apps stand just one chance. If it stands out it’ll be appreciated and bought increasingly otherwise, just delete it.

Marketing of the application

After developing the whole app properly, you need to market and sell it using the right strategies. Couple of strategies can make sure that your app successfully get to the use in the proper way.

Market to the right audience

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One of the most successful strategies is segmentation. First, identify your target audience and then market your app to the right age group with the requirements that your app provides with.

Focus on identifying the correct audience for your app:

  • Age: The age group most benefiting to you is 15-35. People within this age group are active app and tech users so; they are the right audience to cater to.
  • Lifestyle: this group is socially very active and thus, keeps itself involved in social media and apps.
  • Attitude: the group best suited to cater apps to is the one having variety of lifestyles and they only take what is best! So, maintain your app accordingly and maximize the number of customers.
    The audiences you target are the key to your success so, make the right judgment call.

Present it properly

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After targeting the audience the next step will be to present your app to them in a way which seems appealing. You can choose from various channels on which you want to present.

Below are some suggestions:

  • Slides: distribute your slides via Slideshare, etc. sharing all the material related to your app is a way to show your promise and commitment.
  • Public Relations: This is a very authentic method and it can even give you the chance to get news printed about your app.
  • Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln etc. Either choose one app or all of the social networking websites and then make you app go public and advertise it easily making it popular in minimum time.
  • Blog: Write blogs regularly and connect with your users making it easier to publicize and make them understand your app.
    So, choose wisely from among these apps or manage your time between these websites for maximum coverage.

Focusing Your App In The Right Direction

There is still the need to answer one important question. Whether bundled or unbundle app should be chosen?

The answer heavily depends on the market situation currently. Plus, which process satisfies the customers most.

Some app designers go with unbundled apps because they believe that the demand for these is met properly and there is a deficit. While, others prefer an app that does all work using just one platform.

Your app has to look up to the requirements of users and what they want and need based on the type of app you are creating. So, the app should have the ability to have met user’s requirement in a new and innovative way.

Lastly, whatever selection you make, your app should be able to give a solution to a problem.

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