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How To Increase Battery Life iPhone 6

The battery of the latest generation devices has always been the focus of many discussions because of its duration.
In particular, in this article we will see how to increase battery life iPhone 6, which if used in an exaggerated way for too long, has a range very low.
So let’s see how to save the battery and increase the duration.

How To Increase Battery Life iPhone 6

How To Increase Battery Life iPhone 6: Tips & Tricks

The first trick for the temperature, which plays a major role in life and also in the health of the iPhone battery.
The device in fact works best when it has a temperature between 0 ° C and 35 ° C and is located in places with a climate lies between -20 ° C and 45 ° C.
Of course, I’m not telling you to control every time the temperature of where you are, however, avoid exposing it to the sun when maybe you’re in the sea or to place it on surfaces that give off heat, keeping it instead at room temperature.

Now for the optimization settings, so that their configuration is a factor that determines the autonomy of the iPhone.
Here are some tips about the settings to change and options to disable to increase battery life iPhone 6.

1. Brightness

This is a factor common to all smartphones, tablets, laptops and in general any device with a screen and it is also among those that most influence the autonomy.
If the intention is to save the battery, then it is vital to reduce the brightness of the iPhone.
Make a swipe from the bottom upwards to open the Control Center and from here reduce the brightness to a level high enough, however, to let you read.
You can also go to Settings> Display and light, where you can enable / disable Auto-Brightness.

Personally I find it useful as a function and advice to those who often change environment. In general, however, it is best to disable it and keep the brightness on 30-40%.

2. Push Email

You have an email account that sends you push notifications (Yahoo !, Microsoft Exchange)? And comfortable, but it is not essential for business or personal reasons, disable it.
To do this go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Fetch New Data and hence disables the Push.
In this way, the email will not be downloaded immediately but according to the general Download (every few).

3. Increases The Gap Between A Download Data, and the other

You decide the time intervals to download automatically on applications like Mail.
If the data is downloaded very frequently (every 15 minutes, for example) the battery and suffers the consequences. Said this, longer operating time or off completely automatic download of data by going to Settings> Mail, Contacts, Calendars> Fetch New Data and hence choose according to your preferences.
Choosing Manually, the data will be downloaded every time I open Mail and click on Send / Receive.

4. Push Notifications

Many applications that are installed on the device from the App Store provide so called push notifications that, after giving your consent to activate, send notifications when there is new data / information available.
Those that most affect the battery iPhone 6 apps are instant messaging.
I strongly recommend you disable push notifications for applications that use little or which you can do without, this way you can save considerably the device battery. To turn off go to Settings> Notifications on and off individually.

5. Location Services

Always more applications, especially social networks and apps for the meetings online, use the time location services, draining the battery.
To avoid that happening and increase battery life iPhone 6, disable or limit the use of these services by going to Settings> Privacy> Location.
Here you can choose whether to turn off completely or just for certain app, in any case keep in mind that none of the functions is vital for the proper functioning of the device.

6. Enable Airplane Mode In Isolated Environments

When enabled, the Airplane mode is basically able to minimize (almost to zero) battery power when the device is in standby.
I suggest you take advantage when you are in areas with limited or no coverage, because this mode disables the ongoing search for a connection to the cellular network. Making coincidence, in areas where coverage is the device starts to overheat due to the antennas, seeking constantly signal to which lean.
With flight mode the iPhone is put at rest until it is turned off.
The function is available in the Control Center that you can call with a swipe from the bottom.
In the meantime, however, you will not receive and make calls or send and receive SMS.
To give up instead exclusively on the data connection, instead of activating airplane mode go to Settings> Cellular and off the Cellular Data.

7. Updates Automatic

Since the launch of iOS 7, you can take advantage of a feature that allows apps to update automatically whenever there are new updates available.
As with all other automatic settings, this also has a negative influence on the autonomy of the iPhone 6.
Then turn them off and shall update manually app, because the App Store are notifications when they are available, so it is difficult to forget.
You can turn them off in Settings> iTunes Store and App Store, and turn off the switch for the item Updates.

8. Disable Bluetooth and AirDrop

Following the installation of a new update or a device reset, Bluetooth is turned on by default.
Disable it from the Control Center if you need them. The same applies to AirDrop, because if kept active they are able to affect a lot, the battery life of the iPhone 6.

9. Dynamic Backgrounds

Avoid using a dynamic background for your iPhone 6 because, it may make catchy style device, It consumes a lot of energy. Do you prefer a static background.

10. Attentive to recharge the iPhone 6

The last advice I give you to increase battery life iPhone 6 is to not ever recharge while in case.
Because of the latter can generate excessive heat while charging, which reduces adverse effects on health and life of the battery (As mentioned also the paragraph on the temperature).

As you can see they are different steps that can increase battery life iPhone 6 and logically touches you give up some features to promote the autonomy of the same.
Let us know if you have problems with the battery of 6 or if you have any tips about it.

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