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How To Carefully Select an IPhone Background

So we heard that you just bought your very first iphone! That’s amazing! But hey, don’t you want to customize it to a look that seriously suits it? Of course you do and we’ll be helping you with that. It’s not that hard because there are hundreds of websites that are providing customization ideas. However, not all the wallpapers they provide are very good. In fact, you’ll be facing a lot of problems to find the right one for your iPhone. So, we’ll be saving you some time by providing you the

The top isn’t visible!

Okay so let’s just say that you’ve downloaded the wallpaper of Jennifer Lopez because you are a big fan. You download the wallpaper, you save it to your phone and you apply it on your home screen or lock screen but wait! What you see is very odd. Her head is cutting off from the top and your controls are overlaying. This is definitely what you don’t want, right? The controls that usually create the problem are the clock on top and the “Slide to unlock” text at the bottom.

The bottom part isn’t really visible!

Okay let’s not only blame the top part of your iPhone because the bottom one is just as responsible for the same felony. The slide to unlock part blocks the bottom part. That can sometimes be the most important part of the image.

So why do these problems occur? Mostly this happens when the wallpaper that you’re going to use doesn’t have the same resolution as that off your iPhone. So always search for a Top iphone background so that it suits your device perfectly.

When the resolution of your phone is exactly the same as your wallpaper, the layout doesn’t interfere with the design and it doesn’t become any problem. So always try to download an iphone wallpaper rather than downloading something else and fitting it as your wallpaper forcefully.

Weak resolutions are a problem!

The DPI is what matters the most on a retina display that is crispy enough to display vivid stuff. If you get a wallpaper of around 50 DPI and your screen obviously supports 300 DPI then it will look bad and distorted on your screen and that is something that you really wouldn’t want to have. So always keep an eye on how amazing your wallpaper quality is. The better it is, the better for your phone’s look.

Keep in mind that if you don’t download the wallpaper of your choice, something that you love like your favorite season or maybe your favorite football team, then this is something that you wouldn’t like no matter how amazing it is. When customizing your phone keep in mind that it’s your phone and you will have to make it awesome on your own and if you don’t you’ll just be in a state of dislike. Is that what you want? Of course you don’t. So keep these small things in mind.

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