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How Does it work Do not Disturb on your iPhone, iPad or iPod

do not disturb iphone setting

Do Not Disturb function is an old acquaintance of Apple users, however, it is probably one of the most underutilized utilities of iOS, probably due to ignorance of the options that it offers. Until now, because we are sure that after reading this post you can’t live without her. Basically, Do Not Disturb is the modern version of the mute our device, because it has several customizations that make it much more effective.

The first step is to activate Do Not Disturb, which can be done manually or automatically. While the automatic allows an autonomous activation programmed in a certain time slot, the manual can be turned on via Settings or from the control center.

activate dnd

Customizing the options of Do Not Disturb

The first of all would be in if the activation of Do Not Disturb, which can be scheduled at a range of hours in which we will receive our messages, emails, etc. But we will not be harassed with them. If you are interested in, activate it and forget about the cell phone, just mark and select the scheduled start time and end.

Another interesting option is the permission of calls. And is that even though our iPhone, iPad or iPod is in Do Not Disturb mode, we can still be notified of the calls that are produced. Let’s be honest, we’ve received numerous notifications from games, social networks, e-mails, etc. Throughout the day, but in reality, if someone wants to communicate something really important or urgent, probably will make a call. In this option you can select to alert us to the calls from all over the world, the contacts of our agenda – or a specific group of contacts from iCloud – or only of our favorites. In this way, we can be sure that we got that call that both we’re waiting.

do not disturb text messages

Very clever and useful is the function of repeated calls. With her cast will if we have the option of the calls, but someone called two times in a row in a time span of less than three minutes, the call is notified. A very smart to emergencies.

Finally, we can also customize when we want there to be silence, i.e. if we want to silence the calls whenever the Do Not Disturb mode is active or only when it is blocked, because maybe a priori although we are not to be disturbed, if we are fiddling with the Device We may not amount to get all the warnings.

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