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Hey Siri Temporarily Disables with an Amazing Trick

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Let’s face it: Hey Siri feature is extremely original and useful. You can access the virtual assistant of your iPhone located in the vicinity with your voice is just amazing. But sometimes you can get for example talking to another person, in the middle of a conference, in a hospital… and you wish you could have it disabled on time. So we’re going to teach you how to disable that function with an amazing trick.

Before we start it will be necessary to have your iPhone updated with the latest versions of iOS, otherwise you won’t be able to disable momentarily – that does not make a full and final – Hey Siri.

Deactivating Hey Siri on time

To Disable Hey Siri on time just place your device upside down on a flat spot, i.e. with the screen touching the surface. While the iPhone is in this position, Hey Siri won’t work. Easy, right? Yes, if you hold the iPhone upside down – or one side or the other foot, any guidance you can think of – then Hey Siri will activate again like nothing happened.

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Needless to say, this useful trick won’t work if you have Hey Siri completely deactivated, because this method only serves to stop Hey Siri temporarily, not to start from scratch. Remember that to do so you must go to Settings > Siri, and there mark Siri to initialize the virtual assistant and a few other options like the own Hey Siri or access with your lock screen.

This trick is especially interesting when you have several gadgets from Apple with the function, Hey Siri activated, and when you throw a question you want only one answer you, then you’re just gonna have to put any of them upside down to avoid a comical conversation to three.

Hey Siri you use regularly? Did you know this trick? Leave your impressions in the comments

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