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How To Properly Grind an iPhone 6

How To Properly Grind an iPhone 6


What’s up guys how are you guys all doing I hope you’re having a great day I’ve got a Gold iPhone 6 here fully working functional flawless and we’re going to be doing some grinding not that type of grinding though I’ve actually got a tool this is an angle grinder and it does say you’re not for cutting so I do not suggest for you guys to try this at home I’m going to be doing this anyways we’re just gonna try and smooth this thing out see how it goes and let’s just go ahead and do it, so I’m gonna go ahead and start just kind of on the side, so we’re not going to be really you know chainsawing the phone, but we’re just going to try and smooth it all smooth it up so just from the corners maybe in half or in the middle or something we’ll see how it goes guys okay.

I hope you guys enjoyed this video thanks for watching can’t even breathe okay as always guys stay tuned for more videos.

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