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The great evolution of the Clock app on iOS 10

Clock app on iOS 10
IOS 10, came many new features as native applications are concerned. IMessages or change the appearance of the desktop HomeKit are some of the most outstanding next to the clock.
Joining us from the beginning iOS native app called Clock has evolved over time, from being a small app to set alarms, to something else. IOS 10 that evolution has gone a step further.
Apart from the aesthetic change the application itself -using black tones especially when the white- dominated before, Clock brings a novel utility of sleep, called Bedtime.


Not enough to just set the alarm to wake up the next day Apple- must have been thinking, it is also important to guarantee us a quality sleep. With the new functionality of the native Clock app mostly succeeds. How did it work?
The first time you go into the Bedtime option, our device will invite us to fill out a short questionnaire about the time we usually go to bed and get up, how many hours we usually sleep on average, and that day usually stay up later in bed or prefer to get up earlier, among other questions.
Once you have answered all the questions, a small wheel in which very graphically tell us what time we go to bed and what time we get up to have a quality sleep appears.
The utility does not stop there, and that is that every day we have set up this smart alarm, the app will notify us so much when we should go to bed and when we should get up.The latter is a standard alarm notification that we postpone 10 minutes or off directly, whereas the first notification is unprecedented.When the app estimated the time that we go to rest comes, our iPhone begins to notify is already bedtime, offering the opportunity to confirm that we are already in bed or -under our responsibility- decided to stay awake a little more.
It is possible that like iOS 10 eventually bring occasional novelty more when in its first beta. However the app looks good after incorporating a utility with a very simple operation, but we can be very useful in our daily lives.

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