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Get the most desired feature of iPhone 7 in your old iPhone with this Case

Get the most desired feature of iPhone 7 in your old iPhone with this Case

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are virtually identical in appearance to its predecessors, the iPhone 6 and 6S, with slight physical changes. However, we all know, and as the saying goes, that appearances can be deceiving. And these last few iPhones are much more than just the physical aspect, with great features that the ancient iPhone don’t have. And, above all, one in particular: the resistance to water.

If you’re in possession of an iPhone 6 OR 6S and you want your iPhone has the characteristic mentioned, guess what: you will be able to acquire a case available for iPhone 6/6S and iPhone 6/6S Plus that added exactly this Feature, even improves the well-known in the iPhone 7. It’s about a case, moreover, very very thin, it’s not the typical water bag sold since time immemorial.

Cos2be, the case that will make your iPhone waterproof

waterproof iPhone 7 case

Cos2be is the cover of which you speak. Is available on Amazon for a price of $ 19.99,** although sadly not on Amazon Spain **. But I know that we can buy it anyway. And these are its characteristics:

  • Resistance to water and dust: This Case TPU Besides protecting your device like any other Cover TPU, provides this resistance to water and dust. The warning is not ready to use the device with the case in underwater activities.
  • Slim Design: the good thing about the case is that is thin and barely notice that we have a set, added to its design transparent, that it will uncover the design of our iPhone.
  • Protection: the protection that comes from wearing the case in our device for possible falls, and thus prevent damage to the iPhone.

Is it worth it?

waterproof case

The answer is yes. Maybe it’s not the prettiest case, not ideal for the day to day. But maybe if the case that is perfect for those moments in which we are going to be close or surrounded by water.

Especially now that summer is coming, and that’s when a higher risk of getting wet run our devices. And remember, it’s not just getting wet, if not you can get sand, dust, etc., that damages the terminal. It’s so in those moments of risk when it is worth the use of the case.

As we already said, is available on Amazon at a price of $ 19.99 in three different colors: Transparent, Gold, Rose Gold, and Space Gray.

Buy case Cos2be

You already know about this case? Do you think is it worth it? Do you know any other alternative? Leave your answer with the rest of the community in the comments section.