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Future Airpods Could Last Days Not Hours

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Nick Hun, who calls himself a “Wireless Evangelist”, has published an interesting article to speculate on Airpods of Apple and how Bluetooth 5.0 could dramatically improve the life of the battery.

I spent a few minutes wondering if Apple could have extended their MFI implementation which apparently streams audio separately to left and right hearing aids using Bluetooth Low Energy. The Bluetooth SIG is developing a set of standards of audio of next generation that will bring audio to zing, but that’s for the future. However, the use of BLE for audio would give place to the days of the battery of duration, not hours, audio, and BLE is not clearly at stake here, although I would hope that Apple has designed the unbelievable part of the chip W1 to support That in the future.

This is super fascinating. Dunn thinks that the Airpods as there is today, in fact, will be Bluetooth 5 Compatible, which in reality it could result in the life of the battery a lot longer than the current five hours of complaints from Apple.

When you take a Chipworks Airpod or Solo 3 pieces and unpot W1, I hope we will see that it is a multi-Chip Module. The main chip will be a dual-Mode Bluetooth designed to be compatible with Bluetooth 5, but the DSP and micro are likely to be separate matrices. If Apple is using this as a vehicle of test for their inclusion in future processors, then we can find 802.11 there too. If that’s the case, we can be quite sure what the road map is cordless.

Dunn also asks the question of why Apple could go through the trouble to create your own chip. Your answer is pretty interesting.

So, why do Apple make a chip of this guy? The development of a wireless chip with this specification isn’t cheap – which probably will cost at least $10 million with a similar amount of going to the pile. It’s just a peripheral chip, I’m never going to get into a phone so that the volumes are not so high. But it is interesting that Apple emphasized that this is his first wireless chip, in a tone that suggests that it won’t be the only one. My guess is that Apple wants to incorporate Bluetooth and wi-fi in their next generation processors since that is what their competitors are doing. Wireless can be difficult, so it is a great way to do it all at once. It’s much better to design the wireless chip and evaluate it in a new category of product, as well as forcing one of its subsidiaries to use it. In this way, you get to try the chip, as well as obtain useful information for your next generation of headphones.

The Airpods are, to me, the most exciting thing of Apple has done in the last year. Yes, I love my iPhone 7, but this is something that really feels different, and I’m excited to try them. Besides, I don’t like wires.

Also, can’t wait to see the Airpods disassembled and studied. If you are truly capable, Bluetooth 5.0 and can go from a period of five hours a day, that would be outrageous. I’m not holding my breath, but boy, that would be super cool.

Announced for the first time in June 2016, Bluetooth 5 improves the breadth, the speed and the ability of dissemination of data of Bluetooth connections of under-consumption. It’s supposed to appear in the products that are beginning to the end of this year and the beginning of 2017.

Airpods first generation of Apple will launch this fall.

You can read the rest of the message super nerd of Dunn here. It’s pretty great.

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