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How to Fix your iPhone when disabled

iphone disabled fix

Did you get your iPhone and have discovered that presents the message “iPhone off” and “Try again in 1 -5.15 or 60- minute”? In the worst scenario, the message says “iPhone is disabled. Connect to iTunes, “and the phone becomes unusable. What is happening? – You will ask yourself. And most importantly, how I can fix it?

Do not worry; you can resolve this problem by following the steps in this article. To do this, we will explain the causes of the appearance of this message and then all possible solutions.

iphone disabled fix

Why is my iPhone is disabled?

A locked iPhone requires, as a measure of protection, a password or Touch ID to access it. After being introduced mistakenly five times the code, the iPhone is automatically disabled for one minute, showing the message “Off iPhone”. As usual in that case, is expected to pass the time marking the iPhone on your screen.

It may help you know how many times it is necessary to enter the code incorrectly unlock your iPhone to be set one time or another.

  • 5 failed attempts – Please try again in 1 minute.
  • 7 failed attempts – Please try again in 5 minutes.
  • 8 failed attempts – Please try again in 15 minutes.
  • 9 failed attempts – Please try again in 60 minutes.
  • 10 failed attempts – Warning – Off iPhone, connect it to iTunes (or all data will be erased if you have this feature).

Wait a minute presents no inconvenience, but having to wait long periods of time in order to access our device if it is. Like having to connect to iTunes to reuse.

iphone disabled fix

I have not tried to unlock it, but it shows me this message

Sometimes, you have not tried to unlock it and have not introduced – intentionally – a wrong code, but the iPhone shows the code anyway. If this has happened to you, we say the two possible reasons for this will have happened.

Deactivation of pocket

Believe it or not, this is the most common reason. This usually happens to people who keep the iPhone in a pocket which also put their hands. As we can “slide to unlock” from anywhere on the screen, is quite likely to happen in your pocket. So the screen to enter the unlock code and could be activated by mistake enter any code that corresponds to anything that we should introduce. Spend pocket more often used for more than just keep the iPhone.

Deactivation human cause

There are two types of interactions of people with our iPhone that can deactivate the random introduction unlock code in order to find our password with consequent deactivation cover the number of failures. The second has to do with young children who take the device to play and … well, we all know what happens next: Off.

Unlock iPhone which is disabled by X minutes

If you want to unlock a deactivated iPhone, you can expect to pass the time off or put the iPhone in recovery mode and restore. Those are your choices.

iphone disabled fix

Fix “Off iPhone. Connect to iTunes.”

This is the worst scenario that you can have because you must connect it to a computer and regain access to your device. Hopefully, if you’ve done a backup recently and remember the unlock code can erase all your data to avoid this. Another reason that routine backups are necessary.

If you know, the unlock code and you made a backup recently

So just follow these steps:

  1. Connect your iPhone to the computer you’ve synchronized before the Lightning-USB cable and open iTunes.
  2. Choose “Sync” in iTunes and enter the unlock code when you or required to unlock the phone.
  3. Choose “Restore” to restore the iPhone with the most recent backup copy.

If you forget your unlock code must erase data from your iPhone. If you do a backup in iTunes or iCloud, you can restore it.

If you forget the code or accounts with a backup of your data, your data will be erased forever. There is no other option; Apple can not access your device in any way. So the best option is not to reach this point.

iphone disabled fix

Our best recommendation is that you backup your device, and try to burn well in your memory the code.

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