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Everything you need to know about the upcoming iPhone 7

Apple Inc recently released its much awaited iPhone 6s through a grand weekend launch where the software giant managed to not only make great sales but also turned out to satisfy its loyal customers to a great extent. It has not been long since that, but the analysts in the industry have already started looking towards what the company could be planning on for its next iPhone in the series and so far, the ideas coming around in the market have excited the customers to no end. Reports have suggested that the tech company has plans of releasing the new phone in the fall of 2016, which means that the smart phone lovers still have a long way to go till they get their hands on the gadget or probably another flagship device.
However, there have been a couple of designers which have started rolling out new designs for the iPhone 7, which the company could be adopting in the coming months. The latest phone in the series turned out to have a design which came out as a spoiler for many users, who believed that by putting a plastic lining along the rear of the phone was actually a bad idea to be put in such an expensive phone.
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A gadget designer named Hasan Kaymak has emerged in the market with a probable design for the iPhone 7, which has made the users quite interested in what they could be offered in the future by the software giant. The phone is also expected to carry a slight curve along its back, which is to give the device a different look from the previous ones in the line. Some of the exciting features that have been added to the design made by Kaymak are a 24 mega pixel camera, which could also be consider as quite a huge expectation to keep from the tech company, which has always lagged behind bringing around good ideas whereas the camera of the phone is concerned.
The design also shows some improvements in the battery of the phone, which is expected to be around 3000 mAh this time. One more thing that will making the future iPhone 7 one which grabs a lot of attention of the users in the market is the high end iOS 10, which are also predicted to be released alongside the launch of the phone next year.
In other news, it turned out that Apple has already started planning on how to create the design of its upcoming iPhone model and has recently filed for a patent at the US Patent and Trademark Office. According to the news, the tech company has asked for a patent which might just be turning things around for the traditional iPhone lovers. This time around, the company is going for a design that will bring about a huge change to how the iPhones have always looked, as it will be designing a special ‘wrap-around’ screen for the new gadget which means that the tech giant has finally decided to get rid of the Home Button on the phone.
This patent was filed on September 29, and reports have suggested that this is one design patent is out of the numerous ones that Apple has acquired, but could actually end up being the one that it chooses to be applied to the actual design of the smart phone. The new look of the phone might at first be taken by a reluctant audience, but given the kind of effect the software giant has on its customers, it is very likely that it ends up pulling this new design off too once it releases.

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