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Everything You Need to Know About Apple Watch Series 3

Everything abuot Apple watch series 3

Apple September 12 iPhone event, there was no shortage of interesting announcements for several Apple’s products. Along with a new 4K Apple TV and a trio of new iPhones, Apple updates the Apple Watch, introducing the Series 3 Portable version.

Apple Watch Series 3 Features

As predicted, the series 3 Apple Watch is the first Apple Watch feature cellular connectivity, maintaining the same factor so that its predecessors. This means that all Apple watch bands will continue to place series 3, and the overall appearance remains unchanged.

apple watch series

The series 3 will come in the same four variants as the series 2: Apple Watch, Apple Watch Nike+, Apple Watch Hermés, and Apple Watch Edition. Case ends will be similar to that of previous generations, with the exception of the Rose Gold, which has been removed from the lineup, and with the addition of a Gray Ceramic Edition model.

Within the series 3 Apple Watch is Apple the new W2 wireless chip, which offers 85% faster wireless communication-Wifi, cellular and Bluetooth-being a 50% more power efficient. In turn, you can expect the lifetime of the battery to pair with the last year of the series 2 Apple Watch, even with the addition of cellular connectivity.

To pack all that extra connectivity in the same casing as before, Apple embedded to the mobile phone antenna on the Apple Watch display and uses an electronic SIM card system integrated into the logic board device. This SIM can be activated on any major US carrier, and carriers in 9 other countries (see complete list).

Other notable features include a dual-core processor, making the series 3 Apple Watch a 70% faster [than series 2]. This speed increase enables faster responses from Siri, as well as talking about Siri’s responses for the first time on an Apple Watch.

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In addition to the new watches, Apple also has an array of new Apple Watch band colors, and a new style, the “Sports Loop”-which works similarly to the Milanese loop, but is made from the Apple woven nylon material.

How Cellular works on Apple Watch

The addition of cellular to the Apple Watch was rife with uncertainty before Tuesday’s event, but most of that uncertainty was cleared up in short order during the keynote. To use cellular, you’ll need to add the Apple Watch to your cell phone carrier contract.

Apple Watch Price support is scheduled to be in the $10/month range. AT&T has officially expressed its $10/month price, while Verizon and T-Mobile are offering three free months before tacking on the $10/month rate. Sprint still has to officially announce the prices.

Once added to your plan, the Apple Watch will share the same number as your iPhone, allowing you to make or receive calls or text messages from your main phone number, even though the iPhone pair is out of reach of Bluetooth. In addition, features such as finding my friends will automatically change to the Apple Watch their location when your iPhone and view are separate.

Siri will also work over cellular, even without your iPhone nearby, thanks to the improved S3 processor and W2 wireless chip. Apple also announced that next month, Apple Music will be fully enabled to broadcast to the Apple Watch without requiring an iPhone-both via Wi-Fi and cellular connection.

Apple Watch Series 3 Prices

  • The Apple Watch Series 3 pricing is split at a few price points. The non-cellular aluminum models start at $329 for 38mm and $359 for 42mm. The cellular models that by $70 to $399 and $429, respectively.
  • The Stainless Steel Series 3 watches start at $599 for 38mm, and $649 for 42mm, and are available only with cellular connectivity.
  • The Hermés and Edition start at $1199 and $1299 respectively (38mm) and go up to $1399 for some 42mm models.
  • The Series 1 Apple Watch will also remain on sale, from $249 for 38mm and $279 for 42mm. Series 1 Apple Watches are now on sale at and in Apple Stores.

Apple Watch Series 3 preorders will begin on Friday, September 15th, and are available at stores and shipping on September 22.

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