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How to Enable or Disable Apple Pay Lock Screen Access

apple pay lock screen

The owners of an iPhone that you have configured Apple Pay in your devices can use a shortcut to access this functionality from the lock screen.

Assuming that access from the lock screen is enabled for Apple Pay, all you need to do is double – click the Home button on the lock screen to open Apple Apple Pay immediately. If the shortcut from Apple pay you seems most appropriate for your iPhone and still have not activated, do not miss this tutorial!

apple pay lock screen

Enable or Disable Apple Pay Lock Screen

Whenever you look enable or disable functionality, so how can obviously you need an iPhone with Apple Pay configured to use it.

  1. Open the app settings on iPhone with Apple Pay configured and go to “Wallet and Apple Pay”
  2. Under section card, look for “Allow Access Lock Screen” and activates the switch Double click the Start button.

apple pay lock screen

If the active, blocks the iPhone and then make double – click on the Start button to immediately access Apple Pay. If you contrast and disabling Apple Pay will no longer be accessible on the lock screen.

If you want to or not activate Apple pay on your lock screen depends on how often you use Apple Pay on your iPhone, if you have an Apple Watch and use it there or if you trust not to access or this functionality by mistake.

apple pay lock screen

Apple Pay is undoubtedly useful, so be sure to have it enabled and according to your preferences of use to have the best possible experience. If you are buying on the street you can quickly check through Google Maps, Apple stores have to pay in stores and registered in the Google app stores.

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