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A distributor could have confirmed the existence of a new iPad 10.5-inch

A distributor could have confirmed the existence of a new iPad 10.5-inch

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We’re already in March, the month that all the rumors about the next generation of ** iPad ** pointed to the big time of the submission of these new devices from the company of the apple bite. We have read over the past few months about lots of potential features and functionalities that they would be integrated into the tablet market reference, and in just a few weeks we could finally meet what is hidden behind the veil with which he hides his Apple New iPads.

Maybe the worst thing of being so close to the presentation is that the leaks are starting to appear with increasing frequency, leaving be rumors. It is true that, in many cases, is good to know in advance what we are not going to find to not take unnecessary disappointments. However, we must also recognize that it loses that mystery surrounding this type of event, and so interesting They were doing. The one that comes to us today could be classified under this guy, even though the truth is that let us glimpse a great keynote.

It appears a holster designed especially for the iPad 10.5-inch

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For everything to go perfectly in the moment that Apple gets scene their new toys, both the Californian company as their partners have begun with the preparations and this includes, of course, the distribution of the product and Its accessories. In this case, one of those preparations could have crashed completely the big surprise of the season.

And that is that according to the information he has provided Marc Alonso on his Twitter, a manufacturer of covers would have confirmed the existence of the new Ipad Pro 10.5 inches with the announcement of a holster designed especially for him. We haven’t been able to know a lot more apart from this, but I’m sure in the next few days will begin to reveal more details, and as soon as you show up, we’ll bring them to appleplans.

Let us know if you were to put the sale an iPad 10.5-inch in the body of an iPad Air 2, Would buy?

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