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Discover how will design the next iPhone 8 according to the rumors

Discover how will design the next iPhone 8 according to the rumors

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In appleplans already we’re anxious to see what Apple is ready for the next iPhone 8. However, we still have to wait a few months to know and the rumors Fera every time puts us teeth longer. Yes, it’s a good thing before we have the WWDC 2017 to calm down a little the hype of the iPhone.

You’ll agree with me, dear reader, in which we read so many rumors that we no longer have anything clear about the possible designs for the iPhone 8, isn’t it? That’s why in appleplans we wanted to make a compilation and so have a little more clear that Apple could introduce us in a few months and its iPhone to the tenth anniversary.

iPhone Edition, finally an iPhone without frames or button

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I’ve lost count of how long we’ve been asking users to Apple the elimination of the Home button and a reduction of frames. And, although in the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus the physical button becomes a capacitive button, it’s still not enough taking into account the good work you are doing other brands with the reduction of frameworks, such as their terminals with LG Its LG G6 and Samsung with what will be the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Well, according to the latest rumors the next iPhone 8 will be called iPhone Edition, will take the corners of the screen curves-like, for example, that of the LG G6- And will not have a button on the bottom, since both frames will be Very Reduced. And No, the TouchID doesn’t go away, if not it will be touch and happen to be inside of the screen.

The iPhone 8 will have OLED Flat Screen and don’t bend like they said the first rumors

According to MacRumors and the wall street journal, the iPhone 8 will have an OLED Flat Screen, despite the first rumors that spoke of a screen curve, manufactured by Samsung. We all agree that Apple and the iPhone have always noted for the quality of their retina displays, will continue to do so with the OLED Display?

And the dimensions of this will be equal to the size that we know today as those of a 4.7-Inch iPhone, but this time with a 5.5-Inch Screen, thanks to the already discussed reduction of marks.

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Goodbye to the Home button, hello to physical touch button on the screen

We have already mentioned above in this article, but it’s a story and novelty that requires its own paragraph. Yes, finally Apple has developed a technology that will integrate the fingerprint sensor on his new OLED display. In fact, it also talks about new methods of unblocking and biometric facial recognition, although this if that isn’t clear.

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This new technology developed by Apple for the integration of the on-screen TouchID authentic will be called, and you’ll have nothing to do with the technology already known Synaptic nor the Qualcomm. Authentic uses its own algorithm combined with an identification of crystal Privaris.

And Here’s a compilation of what will be possibly the iPhone 8 regarding design. What do you think of what could be the set this next iPhone? And by the way, do you really think it will be called iPhone 8? The only thing I have clear is that it’s been a long time since I went back to have so much hype for an event presentation of iPhone.

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