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2 Tips Disable Screen Recording iPhone

Disable Screen Recording iPhone

disable screen recording

The Game Center of Apple not only gives you the possibility to third-party apps, as it has
access to feature things such as tables of classification and statistics of the multiplayer, but it
also enables them to record the screen while we play.
If you’re using the app that contains the characteristic of replay, 
you can record this departure
to share it online 
or with friends.
If this doesn’t interest you, then you 
can take care a lot of space on the disk, as the recordings
are in HD resolution, we teach you in this article how to disable the option.

How to Disable the screen recording

1. From the main menu go to paragraph of Settings.
2. Click 
3. In General, scroll down to find R

how to disable screen recording on iphone

1. Here click on the option to activate restrictions.
2. You will need to enter a code number of 4 digits.
3. Now you must go down until you find the section of game center, where you need to press screen recording, to disable the function

how to disable screen recording ios 11

With this function disabled from a paragraph of restrictions, You won’t be able to third-party apps, record the screen while you play from the game center.

Deactivate the function to record screen unplugging Apple iD of game center

If you don’t want to customize the paragraph of restrictions on your iPhone, there is another
possibility to disable the recording of the screen
. You must deactivate the account of game
center because if you haven’t gone in with your Apple ID, there is no possibility of recording, as
simple as that.

1. From the main screen, enter Settings
2. Click Game Center, which is at approximately half of the list.
3. Once inside, click on
Apple iD, which is located at the top of the screen
4. Choose between the options,

disable screen recording iphone 6

This possibility to record a game is surely interesting for those who want to show themselves
online as they play
, and then share it on Youtube or with friends, but it can be a nuisance to
those who use the mobile so more practice, or for those who have children who take the memory
Without knowing it.

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