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Deep: 12 iPhone battery life Tips and Tricks

12 iPhone battery life Tips and Tricks

Introduction: Tips for saving battery 1-6

The frustration of a low battery will be familiar to any iPhone owner. But what can you do to avoid it, simply use the phone less?

Apple is good at squeezing the maximum performance from hardware in the iPhone and this is one reason that the iPhone battery is relatively small. The first iPhone has a 1400mAh battery, and seven years after the iPhone 6 has a 1810mAh battery, even if the iPhone 6 Plus has offered a huge 2910mAh.

Many of today’s Android admirals have batteries rated higher than 3000mAh, but then have much larger screens -. 6 Plus aside, of course. But that does not mean we still do not find it hard to keep our iPhone go longer, no matter how big the battery pack.

Until the next big leap in battery or charging technology arrives, we ‘ll rely on intelligence to get the most out of your iPhone.

Here are some simple tips that you can follow to get a nice little ‘more juice from your Apple smartphone.

1. Keep an eye on the signal strength

The biggest culprit for a rapid depletion of the battery is often a weak signal, but there is not much you can do about it. If you are in an area with a weak signal, then you might want to consider switching to airplane mode, which stops the constant research that sucks the life from your phone. .

You should also always use Wi-Fi instead of cellular data, when possible, as it provides a more stable connection and will stop all that battery abusing looking for a signal.

2. Disable notifications app

Some applications will be Spam with useless information. How many of you get notification you really want to see? In most cases, very few. .

Each of them is sucking down a bit ‘battery life, so cut them at the source. Go to Settings> Notification Center and touch any application that you do not want notifications. Then choose ‘none’ in the profile, and turn ‘icon badge’ and off ‘sounds’.

12 iPhone battery life Tips and Tricks

3. Change your display settings

The display is expensive to power, then you want to quickly turn off when not in use.

Go to Settings> General> Auto-Lock and see if you can live with a shorter time before the screen auto-lock. .

You should also go to Settings> Brightness & Wallpaper and turn ‘Auto-brightness’ off to conserve battery power. Set the brightness as possible and only when necessary to adjust and you’ll save a decent chunk of power -. Although this could mean that you can not always see your phone’s screen in direct sunlight.

4. Stop the animation

You do not need dynamic backgrounds and parallax, 3D effects. “They are fun, but they’re munching on your power. Select a still image or a favorite photo to Settings> Brightness & Wallpaper, then choose ‘Wallpaper’ and turn ‘reduce movement’ in Settings> General> Accessibility.

5. Reduce background refreshing

People imagine that applications swiping closed multitasking menu is energy saving, but you really need to be taking a look in Settings> General> Background App Upgrade to really make a difference. .

Allow applications to cool off as this is a big drain on the battery. Go down the list and turn off everything that is not necessary – Facebook, in particular, can drain the battery very quickly. These applications still update when actually loaded up, which is much more efficient for your battery.

12 iPhone battery life Tips and Tricks

6. Receive e-mail manually

There is some debate about the benefits of push email (that comes when sent) compared to taking (the phone checks at set intervals) and it really depends on the amount of messages you get and how often you sync. .

Push should send only by the server when an email arrives, and will be more efficient power control every five minutes to take, but if you get a lot of e-mail could push down the battery more quickly recover with time slower update of one hour. .

Assuming you’re just going to check your email once every couple of hours, it’s going to always manually save power on both options, but you have to remember to actually do it

iPhone Battery Tips: 7-12

7. Kill position monitoring

Unless you are using the maps app is the utility of position detection is for you. What it is not in question is the fact that you eat the battery.

Go to Settings> Privacy> Location Services and turn off them, or simply select the applications that you do not want to follow

You should also look in Settings> Privacy> Location Services> System Services, and think to turn off ‘Popular Places “,” Location-Based IAD “, and perhaps’ Diagnostics and Usage.

8. Having it cool

The heat is really bad for the batteries. Do not leave your iPhone lying in direct sunlight. If it gets really hot when you are playing or when charging the battery, then remove the case, if you use one. .

Or just play Infinity Blade 3 in the freezer. The call

12 iPhone battery life Tips and Tricks

9. selectively update

Generally updates are going to make improvements, but it does not hurt to check the feedback from others before you pull the trigger on a software update. .

IOS news, you should check in Settings> General> Software Update to change the automatic settings. Do not let the change of content automatically. .

Go to Settings> iTunes and App Store and consider turning off all automatic downloads. This way you can choose when to update and make sure you use the Wi-Fi or connect to your PC to save energy.

10. Turn off Siri Off

You will find the revival option in Settings> General> Siri and talk if not using it, so make sure you turn it off, because this sensor control is going to impact on the battery as it is constantly looking for your face touching your phone.

11. Turn off vibrations

In Settings> Sounds, you can switch ‘Vibrate On Ring’ ‘Off’. You can also go to Settings> Sounds> New Mail> Vibration and set it to ‘None’. This disables the engine, and that the movement really hurts your power. .

Finally, go to Settings> Notification Center> Email and touch on accounts, then choose and set alerts ‘vibrations’ anyone to really reduce the problem.

12 iPhone battery life Tips and Tricks

12. Cut the cloud

All you need to sync with iCloud? Go to Settings> iCloud and take a look at the list. Cloud synchronization eats energy and data, so it pays to turn off everything you are not bothered about -. No longer will suddenly we’ve run out of storage and are constantly found your iPhone you complain about it

You can be sure that this update only when the phone is locked and charging -. a good tip if you want to get the best of both worlds

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