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How to control your AirPods using commands without internet

How to control your AirPods using commands without internet

how to turn off iphone voice control

A little over a month that has been launched and the main challenge of the AirPods remains how to control them with Siri. Without Wi-Fi networks close or a sign of the mobile internet strong, Siri doesn’t work very well, even with some delay. Get in an elevator or metro and the voice control becomes ineffective.

Without a good internet connection, Siri stops working, which means taking out your phone or use, if you have it, the Apple watch to control your AirPods. Yeah, it’s a minor problem, but this does not mean that we want a better solution to remove the phone from my pocket.

iphone 6 turn off voice control

There’s a way to use commands without internet in the AirPods

A while ago you were talking about like Siri needed to improve since this wizard is the main control of the AirPods. If Siri is improved, it improves the AirPods.

Get used to using Siri in the street and then you can’t use in time keys is quite frustrating. If we are able to use commands when Siri can’t work, we’ll have to resort to his predecessor: Voice Control.

Activate voice control

1. Go to settings, general, accessibility.

How to control voice your AirPods

2. Click on start button, press and hold to select voice control.

apple airpods voice control

Now in situations in which would you reach out, it will appear to Siri voice control. This brings with it certain difficulties, voice control is deeply integrated into iOS. This means that the voice commands that are limited to predetermined commands.

To replace Siri in those moments when you don’t have access to the internet, it’s coming down pretty good. Although this “solution” is not the best if it’s the most simple and useful.

Ideally, you will use this solution in those moments when you know that you won’t have access to the internet and, therefore, not to activate Siri is not a problem for you.

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