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How to connect iPhone 7 to your TV

connect iphone 7 to your tv

Connect your iPhone 7 or your iPhone 7 Plus to your TV is great, you can enjoy all kinds of entertainment: watching Netflix, play with your friends in multiplayer mode, take a look at your best photos of your summer vacation …

But how the iPhone 7 screen to the connected TV? Well, it’s very easy! Even if you do not have a Smart TV, view the contents of your brand new iPhone on TV is really simple.

Here we show you the three best options to connect your TV to the iPhone 7:

Use a Lightning to HDMI adapter

connect iphone 7 to your tv

It is the easiest option, and actually the cheapest. All you need is a Lightning connector to HDMI Apple. Although also you need a HDMI to HDMI cable, but the latter cable can be found for just 5 € in any electronics store or hardware store.

Use a Lightning to VGA Adapter

connect iphone 7 to your tv

This option is often used in old TVs and projectors that do not include an HDMI port. Apple took this into account and built a Lightning to VGA (analog port) adapter. However, the VGA ports do not offer the same resolution as the HDMI ports, so the video image will not be of the same quality.

Use AirPlay on Apple TV

connect iphone 7 to your tv

Finally, and most recommended, it is to use the services of AirPlay on Apple TV. It’s great when watching online series, Surf Safari or any application showing contents of your partner, friends or family on TV. Simply go to the Control Center of IOS 10 and press the AirPlay button to select your Apple TV. It’s that simple!

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