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Chinese authorities involving a fake iPhone factory

iphone china copy

China is the largest producer of smartphones from leading brands in the world, but it is also the largest producer of pirated copies of all kinds of technology products. Recently the authorities have broken up a factory of fake products that had created more than 41,000 false iPhone and plates had to manufacture some 66,000 different brands of smartphones in the market would cost around 19.7 million dollars. Authorities arrested suspects and confiscated 9 more than 1,400 fake phones of different brands as part of the investigation.

In addition to smartphones, the provider would also have made more than one million units of imitation accessories for different mobile devices.

iphone china copy

The factory was dismantled in the name of a 43 – year-surnamed Yu and his wife. They had open repair oriented devices in 2011. At present factory employing hundreds of people and specialized in travel terminals recovery to repair and sell them as if they were new high – end devices.

China, the “Mecca” of counterfeiters

The company was getting old and disused mobile phones around the world. Valid components extracted and returned to ride on other boards and housings used imitation terminal premier, was among the Apple iPhone; surely one of the most successful was in the market.

According to Chinese authorities, these terminals were exported to countries around the world and sold to consumers who thought they were buying original devices.

iphone china copy

This operation serves to demonstrate the scale of the business of counterfeit smartphones in China. The authorities have intensified their investigations into intellectual property crimes, although they still have a long way to go, as we all know too well the problem with the “Chinese copies” in the world.

Have you ever met someone with a copy of the iPhone? Do you know any case of a person who bought an iPhone believing that was the original and was actually a copy?

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