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You can expand the memory of the iPhone, up to 128 GB more for your files

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Apple has surprised with the withdrawal of the configuration of at least 16 GB on the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, starting from the 32 GB. It was a necessary change if we take into account the amount of apps, games, photos and videos (higher quality), and all the other things that occupy space in our devices. Also, another good news is that the seventh generation of phones from the Apple bite integrate for the first time the memories SSD that are present in the computers of the company and that they constitute a significant improvement in the speed of writing and reading.

As I told you when we were talking about the free space that really have the new phones of the apple bite, aside from having less capacity of that mark the names, I mean, a model of iPhone 7 Plus 128 Gb actually has 122 GB, or an iPhone 7 256 GB 249 GB left in approximately, we must bear in mind that with the implementation of memoirs SSD there is also greater difference in speed between the different versions. So a terminal 32 GB differs from one of 256 GB because, in summary, form, account NAND chips with less work. But if we consider the prices of the new iPhone, I’m sure many of you Gunning for the basic option because it works out cheaper (or less expensive, actually).

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For those of you who purchase an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus with the 32 GB Capacity, know that there are some forms of more space available to walk you not juggling trying not to let your brand-new phone runs out of memory And I ended up presenting a worse performance. Instead of paying the difference between the version of 32 GB and 128 GB, which is 110 euros in the iPhone 7, you can opt for the solution that offers the veteran SanDisk and that will cost you Half of it.

In particular, I speak unto you of iXpand Flash Drive. This is a USB Flash Drive 3.0 like the rest that we can find, but with the particularity that in its last presents a connector Lightning compatible with all iPhone from 5, iPad 4 or later and the iPod Touch 5th generation in the future. Also, it features iXpand Drive, an app that we can play almost any kind of file and, in the case of no power, allows you to choose what application should open the file in question (even the strong VLC player).

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This external memory involves a very useful aid in the Apple devices because they do not have an SD card and allows you to add up to 128 GB of space in which to keep, for example, those videos or games with considerable weight. Of course, there are alternatives other brands, but the seal of SanDisk is always synonymous with quality. Prices of iXpand Flash Drive is another plus point: the version of 16 GB for 44,95 Dollars, the 32 GB for 54,70 Dollars, the 64 GB for 70 Dollars and the 128 GB for 102,51 Dollars. Returning to the difference that I mentioned of $ 110 between the iPhone 7 32 GB and 128 GB, is a great option to take into account. What do you think?

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