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Can the absence of Jack curb the leap from Android or Windows phone to iOS?

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Leaping into the digital audio is costing us more than what really is needed, and the culprit is just one, the connector Jack from 3.5. I am the first who defends the convenience of using the connector. However, I think it is an obstacle Real. Above all, when it comes to allowing an evolution in design.

And is that the connector, occupies a space increasingly necessary, in a battle for making the phones thinner, lighter… that plug, who has been with us for so long and so long, it starts to be a stone in the road Design, and it’s showing in the market.

And then came the iPhone 7.

iphone operating systems

Apple has always had an immense popularity, and thanks to that, it is capable of transforming into a standard any technology that appears on their devices. Are known to execute movements, which, if they had been executed by other manufacturers, they would have been without effect.

This year, with the iPhone 7, they decided to remove the Jack out of the equation, and it was then when they got opinions of all kinds. The audience looked and looks divided before the possibility of having or not one of the ports used to date.

Necessary Revolution?

The future is wireless. That was the excuse we dripped from Apple to justify it. But let’s be honest, that’s not a good enough excuse. In many cases, they’ve taken the option of using our favorite headphones without having to carry an adapter. They’ve taken comfort in exchange for… nothing?

But, let us not fool ourselves, the absence of a Jack won’t slow the progress of anyone. Very few will no longer use your preferred platform for not having to use an adapter. And that is that what matters is not the way that you enjoy your favorite music, but I enjoy it. And the disappearance of a connector analog is not going to change that, the incidents with defective mobile batteries in premium, yes.

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