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Buy iPhone 6s Abroad Saving: Here Prices

iPhone 6s price

Missing a few more weeks for the arrival on the shelves of the newest iPhone 6s and as each new version, Apple raises slightly the price of the new model, Official prices iPhone 6S and 6S Plus in Italy, and in Italy, as usual, prices are higher than in other countries.

The telegraph has analyzed the different prices around the world and we have customized the graph by adding the prices in dollars, with conversion made September 17, 2015, and the result is that in Italy the new iPhone 6s cost more than in the rest of the world .

By analyzing the data better, it is that across Europe the prices are higher than in other continents with the beautiful country captain list with well 779 €.

In fact, among the stars taxation, high cost of logistics and also the fee SIAE wanted by Franceschini, causing prices to rise up to be the most expensive of the entire globe.

If the price in the US was unchanged in the rest of the world have increased everywhere, in the UK the price is high and you have to go if you want to save in the countries of the rising sun but the US are always much cheaper with just $ 649.

iPhone 6s price

The analysis seen take the prices of the basic version of the iPhone 6s 16GB.

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