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Best new and updated iOS apps for November 2015

We usually say that the best things arrive always in the last, well, its so true! As it’s the end of this year, we have got some tremendous iOS apps right here for you, these iOS apps are not only new but are going to be the most updated and powerful one you can have.

These iOS apps are related to Google and Instagram, oh yess, this means you’re going to have the level apps with the photography and entertainment features. Let’s have a glance:


new apps ios

Desiring to have an app for your iOS device that may enable you with strong and highlighted features of editing your selfies and pictures? Then here is the right app for you, Adobe Lightroom is the best one for your IPhone and IPad which excludes the subscription of setting a desktop app.


new apps ios

A craziest addict of Instagram? Just get Boomerang installed on your IPhone or Android and get a new feature of making one second looping video right away there and then and get it shared for likes and followers.

Just click a burst of pictures with your buddies and pals and get it in a loop and there is a video to share and get ready for next!

Twist it now!

new apps ios

Let your iOS be installed with an app called Twist that is going to let you mashup your selfies and pictures in group chats! Meanwhile it’s just within a limit to be available for the users in the Canada and US, it’s even going to let you have a conversation with your friends by viewing the replies side by side or vertically.

Youtube Gaming

new apps ios

Love mobile gaming? Then here you go with the app that is going to be a matter of attention to you. Lately, Google has been much into the gaming section with additional features for Youtube gaming on iOS devices that are also being much popular across Google Play Games on the Android devices of yours.

You know what’s new? Ha, get an additional feature of the capturing of gameplay with the exception of the hectic of different and various specified hardware.

Minecraft – Story Mode

new apps ios

We have a new one here this time, Minecraft is an app that is based on a story. You may play as in your own designed architecture and spin on Minecraft that may see you as venturing across the world wide. This is composed of episodes, you will be having a series of tasks to save the world from dangerous monsters and it passes on to the other episode with a cost of $4.99. You may avail this on Android for the same cost.


new apps ios

Lookmark is for those who mainly want to discover new apps by the interface and looks they have, its actually an app that is a bookmark one available as an extension of Chrome by Google.

Just tap on the Share Sheet option of Lookmark and share the ones that you want to remember. Now there’s not even a one percent of chance that you may forget it!


new apps ios

This is the iOS app that is going to enable you with the air monitoring by which you’ll be updated with the current pollen levels and actually a lot more than that. WHO that is World Health Organization is used for air quality that gives the guidelines from a wide range of 11,000 stations in 30 countries. So, if you are interested in air quality then this is the one you should go for.



new apps ios

Have a little pause and ge into the music anf bright flashing lights using amazing and relaxing siunds to make you feel in ease. PAUSE is here on your device to get your relaxation on your finger tip.

Even it is claimed as official, that using such calm sounds will surely calm your mind and make you feel good.


new apps ios

Want to change the made on desktop and mobile screens automatically reflected on each platform? Get Medium and have the focus directed on writing a lot easier on move. You’ll see how simpler and fun it is when it will be supported in your iOS 9 and will feature in 3D touch.



new apps ios

An app that is highly supportive in Android devices, you may get clear map designs and alerts. Now its really easy to have the directions and locations with a less number of clicks and even a better redesigned interface.

Travel easily now, and explore whatever place you will to.

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