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Best iOS 9 themes to get for iPhone

Apple users who are fond of having IPhones in their pockets, have a less number of reasons to support that why they prefer IPhones. Well, the visibility of iOS 9 is one of the reason that why users opt for IPhones. And it’s possible that if you’re a jail broken, then the iOS updates and revolution is just what you actually will to acquire. The themes conducted by iOS is one of the basic reason that leads to jail breaking and it has itself been so widespread.

We have top 10 best themes that could ever be experienced by the iOS users, just because of the evolution of iOS 9, you may find these amazing and creative themes in Cydia and all the given innovative themes are well supported by iOS 9.0-9.0.2 including the WinterBoard and Anemone. So this is going to be something like a new experience and somehow the creative feature that could be explored in iOS 9. Let’s have a look at what we have.

Ayeris – the favorite theme

best theme ios 9

Ayeris, is one of the most wanted and favorite theme that has been a wanting one by all the users of iOS 9. This theme is going to give you a new overlook over your IPhone and will make you feel like using something heavy and different from others. This themes, Ayeris can be conveniently downloaded from BigBoss repository and will be costing #3.99 to you, but this will surely be worth the theme.

Muze 2 – the simplest and astonishing

free iphone themes

Much desire for a simple and strong delivering concept of icons with wide range of colors making your desktop an amazing one to be used, Muze 2, is an entire package of the best one can have with exclusive colorful ranges and is entirely compatible with iOS 9 and is easily available to be downloaded by ZodTTD and MacCiti repository only with a cost of $2.49.


ios 9 theme

Having a simple and to the point theme is a need and requirement of many of us, now, we have a free theme available from Cydia’s ModMyi repository that has been the most popular one. Insight is no doubt, the best one for you, because it can easily get your icons in a calm and appropriate manner and that is what you’re looking for.

Enkel 9

best theme ios 9

Enkel 9 is the theme that is featured with about 300 themed icons and having a new Control Center theme that can enable you to get you enhanced with extra wallpapers. It has been considered to keep your eyes attracted to a certain thing, that’s why it’s providing you with the featuring eye pastel colors that are way more attracting you and this feature takes it to the extent of popularity. It cost just about $1.49 and can be easily downloaded from ModMvi repository. So, give it a try

Ace EI Cap – rounded icons now

free iphone themes

Ace EI Cap, is the theme that can be downloaded from ZodTTD and MacCiti repository without being a hectic task and only costs about $1.99.

This theme is letting you experience the icons in the rounded shape that mainly changes the sort of visible interface of your iOS device.

Flat 8

ios 9 theme

Available on ZodTTD and MacCiti repository to be downloaded for a new and advanced feature of themes now available in iOS 9. If you turn off the 3D mode and youre not in a mood for such advancements, then my friend, flat is all yours to be used, as Flat 8 is providing you what it defines you.

Axla 3

best theme ios 9

Looking up for bright and sharp colors, icons that are explained and viewed in details? Well, opt right away for Axla 3! Because thus theme is giving you the best out of it. Have your IPhone with a new and crazy look. Get this theme easily downloaded from ZodTTD and MacCiti right away, just for $2.99 andd experience something unusual.

Obscure 7

ios 9 theme

Download this theme, Obscure from Cydia’s ModMyi and have the crazy and descent interface look with a black and white color theme that is going to attract you and be vibrant! This is the most and recently supported theme by iOS 9, so I think you would love to go with it!


ios 9 theme

Have the theme now that can rise up your mood when you’re down, with its bright, outspoken and extravagant icons, that can immensely math the wallpaper you acquire and not only the appearance is to be counted, you may have a bulk of icon, let’s say, about 170 with specific to be assigned icons! You can borrow this for $1.99 from Cydia’s, ZodTTD and MacCiti repository.


ios 9 theme

Rupi is a new advancement in the iOS 9 features that are to be noticed ones. Get it from the ZodTTD and MacCiti repositories right now only for a cost of $2.99. This is the app that can be changing your overview of themes on iOS devices, you can feel as having the best interface on your device.

So, get these amazing themes, and enjoy the iOS 9 functionalities and features in a very low cost. This can be a fun and new experience. So go for it!

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