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Best Agendas for iOS (2016)

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Today, in the busy lives we live, we need to remind things through different methods. Some use sheets of paper pasted everywhere, others use the tools to date gives us immense app store.

In this article, we will show you several agendas that will serve to keep up on everything you do, without missing any details and organize your life efficiently.

Google Calendar

google calendar

Google Calendar iOS reached some time ago, with an aesthetic material design that was able to adapt perfectly to the environment iOS, while still being unique in this ecosystem. Among its strengths, in addition to design, we can also find ways to link our accounts.

The application gives us the possibility to link our accounts Exchange, iCloud, and Yahoo, and is also integrated into Google Maps and Gmail, so all the events associated with our mail will be added automatically, and show us the location of this through Google Maps.

Google Calendar
Free install


wunderlist app

Wunderlist is one of the most popular iOS agendas, so it’s weird if you have not heard of it. Although its basic function is to allow us to take notes and add reminders, also it allows us to share lists with friends or family, to work together in a better way.

Wunderlist is one of the most complete and easy to handle applications, and also is free. From here we recommend it widely.

Wunderlist: List
Free install

Horizon 3

horizon 3

One of the strengths of Horizon 3 is the ability to create events and reminders based on weather forecasts that the application shows. If we want to create an event, Horizon 3 show us the weather will be in that place and time, so we can always be prepared.

Another of its features is that understands natural language, so if we ask to seek the “ultimate party Lucy” show us without any problem.

The application is free, but we can pay to access certain functions, like a night mode, traffic information and weather reports show.

Horizon 3 – Calendar + Weather
Free install


pocket life app

It is one of the few applications on the App Store that gives us the option to block our calendar with custom code. In addition to this, it offers us the tools that every good application agenda should give. We can also place custom images in the application, which is appreciated.

Certainly an option to consider, and also has a very elegant design and care.

PocketLife Calendar
Free install


todoist app

Arguably one of the most popular, behind Wunderlist, and their functions are certainly similar to this. It allows us to make quick notes and reminders, all with good aesthetics and with lots of features.

If Wunderlist does not fit your taste, this is what you should try next.

Todoist: Todo List for Organizing Work and Errands
Free install

app agenda

No matter how good memory we have, it is always good to use the tools provided by technology. Some of these applications are better than others in user experience, but in the end, choose the one that gives us the comfort of use.

What you have similar applications? Would you add another? Leave us your choices in the comments!

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