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Apple Watch has opened the market smartwatch. But what exactly has sold?

Apple Watch has opened the market smartwatch. But what exactly has sold

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Apple Watch will continue to talk to him again for a long time. The results for the second fiscal quarter of 2015 (the third fiscal Apple) have not tamed analysts who, indeed, have instead revised estimates in comparison smartwatch of Cupertino. But there is still no clear answer to the question “what exactly Apple has sold Watch?”. Probably there will never be a definitive comment, but there are many signs that the gadget of Apple was a great success.

According to Strategy Analytics, between April and June Apple Watch  it accounted for 75 percent of smartwatch sold. Not only. Compared to 2014, sales increased by 4.3 million units, of which 4 million would just watch intelligent Cupertino, according to this market research. The percentage of Samsung fell from 73.6 to 7.5 per cent as well as that of the “other” manufacturers, such as Motorola, Pebble, Asus and Sony, whose market share now 17 percent marks.

Apple Watch has opened the market smartwatch. But what exactly has sold

Apple has gained 75 percent market share in the quarter smartwatch launch of Apple Watch according to Strategy Analytics. Strategy Analytics

“Apple and Samsung together account smartwatch 8 of 10 distributed around the world,” said Rajeev Nair, senior analyst. “However, Samsung is still far behind Apple and will need to market several new models of smartwatch and applications across dozens of states if it is to weaken Apple’s leadership in the coming months.”

One thing we know for sure: with the arrival of Apple Watch on the market, the gains of the “Other” category of Apple products were up 56 percent, or 952 million dollars. The financial manager Luca Maestri, however, stressed that Watch has represented “more than 100 percent” growth of this category, which includes, for example, the iPod, whose profits may be decreased compared to 2014 and the previous quarter. Imagining data close to those of 2014, David Gilbert of IBTimes UK has calculated that Apple Watch sold between April and June were 2.1 million with an average price of $ 550 (a figure analysts). A much lower number of four million to Strategy Analytics, but well above the Android Wear whole did in 2014, whose sales were estimated around 720,000 units.

We then analyze other positive data to Apple Watch. The degree of satisfaction of the users who bought the smartwatch, according to a market survey of Wristly, is equal to 97 percent, most of the first iPhone is that the first iPad. Numbers once again very positive, suggesting that the product Apple has managed to make inroads in the market and that has convinced those who bought it.

Apple Watch has opened the market smartwatch. But what exactly has sold

Apple Watch Sport edition. IBTimes Italy / Luigi Garofalo

We must also consider that between April and June, many countries have been excluded from availability. “Phase 2” of the marketing of Apple Watch was launched on June 26, which also involved Italy. This means that for several weeks the market potential of Apple Watch was limited although the United States were likely, and will continue to be, the main square, as evidenced by the gains of the last fiscal quarter; in the coming months and with a regular production, the data may also improve.

Speaking of applications, there are still many faces as Facebook and snapchat, notes The New York Times. The paper highlights the lack of these software as an example of the mistrust that some developers still harbor, “waiting to find out who has bought” the product. It must be said that Facebook does not have an app specifically for Android even Wear, where are present Messenger and WhatsApp. His platform bases its income from advertising and to gain should prompt the user to stay to visit news, pages and groups as long as possible. The smartwatch gadgets are by nature “a touch and go”, where the user looks at the screen for a few seconds, not a business purpose for Facebook, in fact.

Watch with OS 2 also allow Apple to develop applications natively on Watch. Applications available at the time they communicate with on the screen of the Apple iPhone and Watch are shown certain information: notifications, short messages, number of steps taken. The situation is aligned with the first iPhone: the App Store was in fact introduced with iPhone 3G and iPhone “Edge” used only those pre-installed and the web app.

Far from clear, in short, the situation of Apple Watch. By analyzing the data you have conflicting information and constant changes of analyst forecasts reveal a deep confusion about the numbers of sales of the gadget from Cupertino. What emerges is still a very positive picture for Apple, which seems to have marketed the first smartwatch success, a goal that Samsung, LG, Sony, Motorola and other manufacturers have tried to reach unsuccessfully.

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