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Apple TV is the expected “One More Thing” on 9 September?

While the world focuses in assuming the technical features of the next iPhone, another piece of the world, far from negligible, it engages in assumptions concerning the other side Apple event in September: AppleTV.

From dreams of Jobs of a real TV, broken by a pragmatic Tim Cook especially attentive to the profitability of the products that churns out, Apple does not seem to decide on the future of the protagonist of home.

If the arrival of streaming should give new life to the set-top-box, turning Apple into a new Netflix, the announcement of the postponement of the entire operation in an unspecified future, threw back the AppleTV in abyss of a future uncertain and nebulous.

We are therefore to formulate hypotheses as diverse as the remote touch suggested by (here), but increase the cost of a product with features that, having in hand a smartphone (and possibly also one smartwatch) all day , we consider all things considered useless.

Apple TV is the expected "One More Thing" on 9 September?

But Apple could do, finally, the move which we believe would make the AppleTV very interesting for an audience not attached to the house of Cupertino: the App Store.

It is not clear yet just as you are put in this direction, given the disproportionate number of fun applications available on Apple store, and especially given the ease with which developers adapt their apps to new devices and new specifications dictated by Apple.

The only reason could be the usual mode, boring but also reassuring, with which Apple cautiously comes at the right time to drop the ax on the markets until recently first uncertain. Needless to sit here and assume the benefits of such a solution: a AppleTV with an A8 or A9 CPU and a decent storage capacity, it could become a fantastic gaming console table.

Especially now that the games compatible with the controllers and devices that support the standard MFI begin to be several.

Apple TV is the expected "One More Thing" on 9 September?

In many accept that already today it is possible to play games made for iOS on the home TV. But these people overlook two important points: the first is the cost of the iPhone (or iPod).

If the new Apple TV maintained its target price of 79 Euros (129 Euros but even if they were little change), would enable a whole new group of users to become part of the great family of the apple. Users who then would buy movies, noleggerebbero them, etc. The second is that, in doing so, developers would run to optimize games and applications for our 50-inch living room .. and then I’m sure you will see some good.

And then there’s Siri and all that Apple can do to manage interface, that of the TV, which has always been tricky. They tried many with all possible systems, not least Sony and LG TV with Android and WebOS. The extraordinary ability of recognition and interpretation of the language of Syrians would really make a difference.

Come on Apple, we expect big announcements for the “One more thing” of September 9, be a bit ‘more courageous and we can finally celebrate the return of an innovative and revolutionary as Apple do not see a long time (now).

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