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Apple Thinks Putting Bumper To Screen iPhone 7

Fall with the phone screen upside down is one of the worst things that can happen to a phone. Surely more than one of you has gone through this disgusting drink, that does away with the hundreds of euro we have spent on the terminal. The screen of most phones can not stand fall of this type, so that manufacturers inventive pull to avoid this disaster. Apple thinks a lot about these situations, the proof is a first patent last year to avoid these breaks, but has gone further and now patented a prevention system even more curious break.

Since last December we saw Apple patent favoring the fall always stand your iPhone. Now the Cupertino return to the fray to avoid costly breakage of the iPhone screen. This time proposes nothing less than a kind of bumper, who knows, could be released with the new iPhone in July. Since then at least it is a clever system which achieves detect when the iPhone is falling to the ground. The Apple patent is based on sensors which detect the time when the iPhone suddenly changes position and detects that might be falling on the ground.

bumper iphone

Although it sounds strange, this technology is capable of deploying small strips, as a kind of bumper, one in each corner of the screen, which will absorb the blow against the ground in case the iPhone fall flat against him,  which It is synonymous with rupture of the screen in most cases. It’s like a kind of small airbag cushions the phone hit the ground. The technology detects the fall to the pavement and its sensors and currently incorporates the iPhone, what is new are these little strips that will hide in the body of the phone and appear at the right moment to absorb the shock.

bumper iphone

Something like if our car always carry saved bumper and only deployed when detect a risk of collision. It is certainly a patent with a fairly basic operation, but it could save many screens in the future, the resulting anger and drama continue their breaks. Of course it would be quite a plus for the future iPhone 7 if this curious incorporate technology.

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