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Apple plans to launch a universal connection for iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Apple plans to launch a universal connection for iPhone, iPad, and Mac

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Since a few days ago the main international blogs focused on Apple like 9to5Mac or AppleInsider have echoed that Apple might be planning to launch a new connector for the accessories for iPhone, iPad and other accessories compatible through his MFI – acronyms They mean made for iPhone, i.e. accessories not manufactured by Apple but that meet their standards – called Utra accessory connector or UCA.

This kind of Universal Connector device could replace the use of Tomas Lightning and USB-C, and half of thin that these wires. With dimensions of 2.05 mm thick and 4.85 mm wide, this 8-Pin Connector not symmetrical is quite similar to the Ultra Mini USB employees in the Nikon cameras.

Apple plans ipod connector

This new connection UAC was to consist of a connection male and another female whose role would be to provide a universal connection that would allow swapping cables, be another take additional lightning, USB-C, or even jack connection of 3.5 mm for the cases Necessary, such as the iPhone 7.

Am quite amazed that faced with an imminent bet more than Apple wireless by the way, both in its management of audio output – let us remember that the iPhone 7 has no connection, Jack 3.5 mm – with his headphones and Bluetooth AirPods More than likely wireless charging pad of the iPhone 8 or iPhone X, of Cupertino, deem relevant to create a new connection, that yes, this time universal to simplify the process.

Apple plans Mac connector

As of today, it is not known if Apple will adopt this universal connector UAC in his official schedule. What if it’s safe is that Apple would enable manufacturers to adapt their connections lightning, Jack 3.5 mm and USB-c to UAC, a universal connection for the devices of the apple bite pretty that would facilitate the integration of other accessories, for example, The Helmets BEATS, they use a mini-USB Port for the load.

Via | 9toMac

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