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Apple Plans iPhone 9: Release Date, Specs and Price

Apple Plans iPhone 9

Apple has long and consistent releases of iPhone. Previously it has launched iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus successfully! But now iPhone has proclaimed Apple Plans iPhone 9, which will come with many new and alluring features. It’s worth remembering that it’s increasingly difficult to improve smartphones with different improved features in such a short time, however, the upcoming Apple Pans iPhone 9 has many advanced and improved features and technologies. Although it has not launched in markets yet still it has caught the attention of every news and nowadays blogs. We are months away from iPhone 9 launching date but it went viral at present times and also the Company Apple hasn’t confirmed all these most talked features about Apple Plans iPhone 9. Many features are just going to be rumors however one thing that everyone’s sure about is that Apple Plans iPhone 9 will bring with different and amazing technology as Apple has always brought to the world something unique and interesting!

apple plans iphone 9

Release Date

Apple always stays ahead of other smart phone companies in launching cell phones. People are so crazy about iPhones that they start talking about them which haven’t been released yet. By September 2018, the iPhone 9 will be introduced publicly. Although the introduction of the iPhone 9 and its latest operating system iOS has been made publicly to attract the worldwide people, the release date is more likely to be in 11 or 12 September 2018, as Apple always makes annual announcements about upcoming iPhones usually in September! But it’s just a rough guess. It’s not pretty much predictable!

Apple Plans iPhone 9 SPECIFICATIONS

Name: Even though iPhones are recognized by the names as iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus et cetera still every iPhone comes with a unique name. Although there’s no guarantee that what exactly the next iPhone will be called! Apple decided in the year 2017 to announce iPhone 9 as iPhone X but it’s just a rough guess because X stands for 10 in Roman numeral so calling iPhone 9 as iPhone X can put the consumers a step backward and Apple should take notice of it.

Design: As the exact release date and name of iPhone 9 is not confirmed similarly a rough idea has been guessed about the design of iPhone 9.

Super Retina Display: The biggest change, Apple claims in upcoming iPhone is Super Retina Display. It has a 5.8 inch OLED display and the most attractive thing’s generous display resolution of about 2436×1123 pixel. Apple has greatly advanced the normal camera to dual-lens camera which is a great example of their efforts. Features like OIS, Flashlight, Optical zoom, Face & Smile detection et cetera are improved and upgraded to a higher level.

Battery: As iPhone 9 is going to have an edge-to-edge display which contributes towards improving the battery life. Rumors also talk about the L-shaped battery of iPhone 9 to be ordered from LG mobile companies for a better back up and longer battery life. The l-shaped battery is going to keep iPhone 9 alive for hours.

Charging: Apple Plans iPhone 9 includes Wireless Charging as well. Fast charging is never a problem in iPhones but this wireless charging feature in iPhone 9 is something that needs to be noticed!

Operating System: iPhone 9 has the latest operating system. Apple has announced to launch this operating system iOS 12 before launching the iPhone 9

Memory: The iPhone 9 seems to be launched in three different variants with memory storage of 64 GB, 128 GB & 256 GB.


The price of iPhone 9 should lie between $1000-$1100 for the basic 32 GB Model in the USA. Although the use of OLED screen might increase the overall cost of the iPhone 9 in the US and other parts of the world. Memory rises together with the Price. The customer can get 128 GB storage variant for additional 100 bucks and 200 bucks for 256 GB model.

Moreover, Apple Plans iPhone 9 has some extra feature like Built-in Home button, 3D scanner, Fingerprint sensors, VR integration, Bluetooth 5.0, Reversible connector, More intelligent SIRI that makes it attractive, IP 68 water and dust resistant. These advanced features have made iPhone the KING of all other Smartphones. Apple Plans iPhone 9 includes extra features and things which are not announced yet!

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