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Apple Plans iPhone 9: Crazy Rumors Suggest Big Changes Coming Next Year

Apple’s latest and greatest iPhone isn’t even in the hands of consumers, but it hasn’t stopped the mill rumor of producing stories about next year’s iPhone cartel. The bell, a local Korean newspaper quoted by the Korea Herald, reports that next year, Apple will go all-in on big screen sizes with 3 new devices. apple plans iphone 9

apple plans iphone 9

According to the report, Apple will launch two iPhone OLEDs and an iPhone LCD screen next year. The OLED devices will have 5.85 and 6.46-inch screens, while the LCD device will have a larger 6-inch screen.

Citing local parts makers, the report says that Apple originally gave orders to Samsung screen, its exclusive OLED technology supplier, under a plan to launch three iPhone OLEDs next year: 5.28, 5.85 and 6.46-inch models. But the report says that the development work of the 5.28-inch model has recently been suspended because of possibly the low marketability of the smaller version.

If the report is true, then the iPhone X that has a 5.8-inch OLED screen will be the smallest iPhone Apple makes going forwards. The 6.5-inch OLED device will probably be some kind of iPhone X Plus, although it will have a big screen, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Apple is approaching the IPad Mini.

The biggest surprise with the report is an allusion to a big-projected LCD device. Apple switches to an OLED screen for this year’s iPhone X due to the advantages of an OLED screen gives. Although they are more expensive, OLED displays look better and offer significant savings in battery life. In other words, the OLED screens are by flagship phones and LCD screens for the budget of the models.

So the launch of a 6-inch (or more!) LCD device next year would be a surprise. Great phones tend to be the most premium, expensive versions-just look at the iPhone 7 Plus, which had the most whimsical Apple camera ever put on a device when it was launched last year, or the Galaxy Note 8. It would be unusual for Apple to launch a device with a big screen but mediocre specs, but that’s exactly what an LCD large-screen iPhone would suggest.

The worst news of this report is that Apple goes all-in on more devices. As the Korea Herald notes, it is the trend of these days. But Apple has been extraordinarily good about making reasonable size phones for the last couple of years, even as Android manufacturers have left this niche. The iPhone has been the only good little phone, but even if you keep around Apple as far as product range, it will not be a good flag device. apple plans iphone 9

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