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An Apple patent suggests that the iPhone 8 will have Touch ID On-Screen

In late April, they talked about the possibility that Apple iPhone 7 and pass directly launch the iPhone 8 in September this year, although for now there is nothing confirmed. Now, a new patent obtained by the American company suggests that the iPhone 8 could be integrated into the screen, better known as Touch ID fingerprint sensor.
Values KGI analyst Ming- Chi Kuo, in one of his most recent predictions claims that the smartphone that Apple launched in 2017 that could be known as 7s iPhone or iPhone 8 will have a major change in its design. And according to the analyst , Apple back to the glass as the iPhone 4.
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On the other hand , a patent recently granted to Apple describes a method for incorporating the fingerprint sensor on the smartphone screen , a change that may already be included in the iPhone 8. If it is true , would become the first iPhone of no Home button and market integrated Touch ID on the screen.

IPhone 8 could lose the Home button and integrate the Touch ID on the screen

If we put all the rumors, the OLED screen next to it integrated fingerprint sensor, not the possibility that the iPhone 8 will also remove the bevels is discarded. Apple has recently focused on making their devices with a design as elegant and noticeably thinner than previous generations, but many users have wondered for years why they have not put more emphasis on maximizing screen space making bezels More smalls.
There are many users who think that the levels of the iPhone screen are too large, due largely to Home button , which is currently integrated Touch ID . Should that happen fingerprint sensor to the screen , the company could eliminate a lot of the bezel, and the screen could occupy almost the entire front of the phone .
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The patent, entitled ” man-machine to control access to electronic devices interface ” describes three different ways to integrate the fingerprint sensor below the screen. The methods would be “optical”, ” capacitive ” and ” ultrasonic methods “, which are described in detail, the latter being the most intriguing of all.
In the description of the ” ultrasonics ” comment that would be a type of sensor with two transducers are placed on the x and y axes of a glass plate, and each serve to receive and transmit the propagation of ultrasound waves through said license plate. This type of scanner is very new and has not been tested in a variety of conditions, but initial results are very promising for the technology.
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As they say in iDropNews at the moment it is nothing more than a patent Apple, but we hope that this time becomes a reality and future generations of iPhone see on the screen the integrated fingerprint sensor . IPhone 7 would be quite complicated, but facing the iPhone 8 2017 sounds quite feasible , so we will wait to see what finally happens .
Would you like to lose the iPhone Home button?

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