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Apple could launch iPhone 7 in White Color

iphone 7 white color

According to the website of rumors of Apple Mac Otakara, Apple plans to surprise you soon with the launch of a model iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus in Jet White Edition, i.e. finished in bright white. If this is confirmed, it would be the sixth color of the spectrum of the iPhone 7 after the brilliant black or jet black, Matte Black, Silver, gold and rose gold.

Yes, it has not leaked the release date, while the logical thing is to produce imminently, since we are less than two months of Christmas and as is tradition, in September 2017 it is expected The presentation of the iPhone 8.

iphone 7 white color release date

To be certain the story, it would be a strange shift of the guys from Apple, who banished the white model complete since the iPhone 4S, opting to combine the black and white on the front and metallic colors in his back, offering finished Much more sophisticated and elegant. But I couldn’t be ruled out, given the line brilliant black of the iPhone 7 and the bright colors of the iPhone 5S.

Given the secrecy with which Apple usually manage the development and launch of their products, we cannot rule out that this is a true rumor, although it’d be pretty surprised if – more than anything because there’s never been – which added a color to an already existing range. Apple is known for study the market and product launching conscientiously, leaving very substantial changes to later models.

iphone 7 white

The information would have come out of the chain of suppliers of Cupertino, although it must be fuck with tweezers, given the huge amount of rumors that originate on Apple. So far the Japanese web information LEAKED Apple profuse and wisely. For example, were the first to describe edition jet black or the absence of connection 3.5 mm Jack, both related to the iPhone 7.

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