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Apple iPhone 7 vs. Google Pixel

iphone 7 vs google pixel

Just finished the presentation of Google called made by Google in which they have presented all kinds of hardware designed by themselves, something that we knew that they were willing to do but never dared.

It is usually to ask other companies to carry out the design of their devices with Android stock, that is to say, the unadulterated version of Android. In this presentation, we have witnessed the arrival of two new terminals google pixel and google pixel XL. How can you expect in Appleplans we bring you the comparison of the iPhone 7 in front of the google pixel: Apple in front of Google. Who will be victorious?

iphone 7 vs google pixel

The Definitive Comparative, iPhone 7 against Pixel

 iphone 7 vs google pixel


The first sight of a terminal is crucial for the future user, so your design can be placed in the front line. In The Google Pixel, we see a pretty innovative design, combining in the back the brightness and kill him – usually, manufacturers prefer one of these finished. You have to admit that despite calling the attention result is pretty cool.

However, nothing can compare to the jet black of the iPhone 7, a finished that we all have to make your mouth water and predispose us to empty our coin banks to acquire it. Apple works a lot more in their devices leaving all kinds of plastic so that our experience is more premium.

iphone 7 vs google pixel


In the absence of a real test of both devices hand in hand, we can check your specifications on the table. Here in hardware, we have a clear winner: the google pixel because it has double the amount of ram that our iPhone 7. But, there’s always a but, Apple doesn’t need more than two gigabytes for your iPhone goes through the roof. Ios is a very robust system that has a perfect management of multitasking, so it requires less amount of ram. But yes, we cannot deny that have double the amount of ram never hurts.


Google has been commissioned in bringing us today a new ecosystem more complete, with his new virtual assistant: Google Assistant and their new products to stop the home. However, as we always say, nothing you can do in front of the ecosystem of the apple.

iphone 7 vs google pixel

Apple has for years been working on creating an atmosphere in their terminals, with which you can interact, change files, phone calls in which determined… among many other things. All this makes the Apple ecosystem and Siri is the most complete we know at the moment.

Protection against water and dust

Until this September we spent months and months throwing knives to Apple for that corresponded to their competition and bring us an iPhone with resistance to water. This has been, finally, we have a iPhone water resistant and that we can use without fear in the rain, in the pool or on the beach.

Google for God’s sake! It can’t be that one of the largest companies worldwide has not thought about introducing water resistance in the devices that mark his new stage, we’ve disappointed Google.

iphone 7 vs google pixel

Minijack Connector

We have believed very important add this section since there will be many users who are very little convinced with the decision to remove the apple minijack connector. For what we tell you that the Google pixel and google pixel xl if they bring minijack connector.

Google has not decided, yet, to take a leap so risky? I repeat, yet.


Another subject of controversy for users is the resolution of the devices, while Apple has decided not to put great resolutions, Google yes. Is it true that Apple saves quite well the resolution on your screens Retina, even if they are low they are exceptional. However, not all of them served this, and for them, Google has introduced a 5 Inch screen FHD on your device.

This means that if you want to eat with a multimedia specifications on the table good, Google wins to Apple in this section. However, we have to say that the experience of users of the iPhone 7 leaves nothing to be desired.

With Terminal that you would you? We hope to have helped you in your decision or have clear your doubts about these terminals.

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