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Apple iOS 9.3 : when it comes out ? The 6 most expected

What new features coming with iOS 9.3 , the new operating system from Apple ? That’s when it comes out and what features will surprise fans of the iPhone and iPad .
Continue to emerge very interesting news on iOS 9.3 , the latest update Apple’s highly anticipated by fans of the iPhone , iPad and iPod touch .
But when comes the new update iOS 9.3 and what are the most revolutionary new expectations with the upgrade of the operating system ?
After about two months of silence , Apple finally announced the release of the update iOS 9.3 available to developers . And the new work by Apple is ready to offer its fans new and unexpected features .
In addition , to solve some problems in the functioning of the iPhone and iPad , Apple has released iOS 9.2.1 , a small update for the operating system . Click here for a guide on how to install it .
Here are the 6 most awaited iOS 9.3 when it comes out , and the new update

Apple iOS 9.3 : when it comes out ?

Apple has released iOS 9.3 to developers only . The good news ?
Users can sign up for early access by joining the beta program of IOS . When can we expect the official release of iOS 9.3 ?
Probably in February , since it is now for Apple to focus all his work on iOS 10 .

1 ) iOS 9.3 , new features: night mode

It is long overdue that a new update to iOS 9.3 , but remains the same a big surprise for users . Apple has finally added support that can automatically adjust the brightness depending on whether day or night .
iPhone , iPad and iPod touch with iOS 9.3 update will use a combination of time or date from geolocation to trace the transition from day to night and shift the colors of the display to warmer tones , making the light less invasive eye .
A fancy way of saying that with iOS 9.3 the screen will automatically handle the blue light . Blue light influences and disturbs sleep by stimulating melatonin , which means that using your phone or tablet in the evening can keep you awake all night .
Android has hundreds of applications to reduce the effects of blue light , but Apple has never given developers access to the settings available to make the setting even the family of iPhone & co .

2 ) iOS 9.3 , new to the touch sensor

The next big thing in iOS 9.3 covers the 3D touch , or the ability to access different functions depending on the type of pressure applied by the finger .
With iOS 9.3 you can log in with the new 3D touch ” quick links ” to the App Store , Compass , Health , iTunes Store and Weather . One introduced by iOS 9.3 is important because , despite the 3D Touch is potentially revolutionary , its integration in iOS has so far been rather cumbersome and unclear .
iOS 9.3 introduces the Apple fans also other new smaller but still interesting , useful improvements for both customers and developers alike .

3 ) iOS 9.3 : new to app notes

Notes – app updated to which is added support for password and ID touch . This is great news for many users who use Notes to store sensitive information .

4 ) iOS 9.3 : new to Apple Watch

Apple Watch – with upgrading to iOS 9.3 you can sync your Apple iPhone more Watch. The news will be especially useful for developers to easily test their app on all the different versions of the OS Watch .

5 ) iOS 9.3 : new to the App Health

Health app – the app Apple’s devoted to health has yet to bring in world revolution much promise , but the improvements just keep coming and updating to iOS 9.3 improves synchronization with the third-party app belonging to all categories which concern health including exercise , weight , sleep , etc.

6 ) iOS 9.3 : new to the app News

IOS 9.3 has been added the ability to display the app on the news even in landscape mode , along with a greater customization .

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