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Apple iOS 10.1 Beta Available for iPhone and iPad

ios 10.1 beta

Today they have come to light the first images of an iPhone 7 running Jailbreak iOS 10. Interestingly, Apple has immediately launched a new update IOS 10.1 Beta for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

ios 10.1 beta

The new Beta version includes a portrait mode for a dual camera of the iPhone 7 Plus. This mode is designed to mimic the kind of depth of field images taken with a DSLR, focusing on the front subject and blurring the background.

ios 10.1 beta

To achieve this effect the image processor built into the camera scans a scene using learning techniques to recognize persons appearing in the photograph. This is a very interesting dual camera iPhone 7 Plus novelty, and this is just the beginning. The dual camera and its photographic and wide – angle lenses are capable of doing wonderful things.

ios 10.1 beta

It is rumored that the new functionality for portraits using acquired technology thanks to the Linx company that Apple bought some time.

ios 10.1 beta

On the other hand, this mode is in beta, so Apple still have to work on it thoroughly. This feature requires a lot of lighting and the right approach and precise distance between objects to function normally.

ios 10.1 beta

There are other developments in the Beta update iOS 10.1 for iPhone and iPad. Improved system stability and have corrected some errors motion. Developers now have access to the barometric data iPad Air 2, iPad 4 and iPad Mini Pro.

You can download the Beta version of iOS 10.1 from the Developer Center Apple, as long as you’re registered.

Source | MacRumors

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