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Apple Confirms iPhone 7 Rear Camera Cover is Sapphire

sapphire lens cover

In these last few weeks, several youtube users have posted their videos to be subject to extreme testing the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in search of defects and to see to what extent are resilient. There’s even the one who has come to doubt that the deck of crystal of the rear-View Camera of the iPhone 7 is manufactured with sapphire, but Apple has solved all the doubts.

According to the Mohs scale, the sapphire has a rate of hardness of 9, just below the diamond is placed in the position 10. His hardness makes the sapphire glass to be resistant to scratches, which is why it is a material Used by manufacturers of high-end watches to protect their spheres.

sapphire lens cover

In the case of Apple, on this occasion, we have decided to use the sapphire glass to protect the camera back and the home button of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. In the video that shows up under these lines are spider the deck of the rear-View Camera of the iPhone 7 and the area of a clock Tassit (both sapphire glass) using special tools Mohs.

Apple dispels any questions on the use of the sapphire in the camera of the iPhone 7

The Creator of the video comment that has used a tool to check the level of “Mohs Hardness 6”, which is why I wouldn’t have to affect the sapphire glass. However, both the iPhone 7 as the clock they scratch and the theory that he has is that it is manufactured with sapphire glass laminate or sapphire unclean, because it is a material that should resist the scratches of this tool.

This test and other similar have made many users create that Apple has lied about the use of pure sapphire glass on the deck of your rear-View Camera of the iPhone 7. Before these doubts, the American company has released a statement calling into question Trial the methods used in the video for the testing.

And that is that in the video are used tools to determine the composition of the sapphire and find carbon, but they do not know for sure if during the test there was some sort of contamination or not. Apple confirms lens of the camera of the iPhone 7 is of sapphire and that appropriate test conditions you get results of hardness and purity expected by the sapphire.

sapphire lens cover

Phil Schiller, CEO of Apple, also confirmed last month through his personal Twitter account that the cover of the lens back of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus is manufactured with sapphire glass.

Vía | MacRumors

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