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Apple Listed as 2017 Exhibitor at Mobile World Congress

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Apple Inc. It has been listed as a 2017 exhibitor at the mobile world Congress, which is a rarity given the show presence of the company has been virtually non-existent since the final look of the company in the Macworld in 2009.

apple mwc

If the list is correct, would mark the first time from Apple to attend the mobile world Congress, exhibitions and conferences for the biggest industry in the world. MWC 2017 runs between the 27 of February 2017 and 2 March 2017.

Babel PR told us to list of exhibitors from Apple, which shows that the company has reserved space in the app planet in the Hall 8.1, as well as two spaces on the top level that extends above the room 2 In the middle of the conference via Fira Gran.

App Planet is described as “an area only focused on the latest technology in the industry of applications of movement quickly” so that the presence of Apple could be related to the promotion of the ecosystem app store or planet of the apps.

The other spaces of the higher level of Apple seem to be meeting rooms, which suggests the presence of the company may not be on the public side. This would be surprising, given that Apple has changed new product announcements for their own events of media.

Apple left constantly attending trade shows in the late 2000 s, including the NAB show, Macworld, and Apple Expo in Paris, and it has been regularly attending ESC, the largest show of Consumer Electronics, in Las Vegas.

When he announced his departure from Macworld, Apple said the show have become a very small part of the way in which comes to its customers. For this reason, the public presence of Apple at the Mobile world Congress is questionable, though still plausible.

Apple is reaching more people in more ways than ever before, as well as many companies, show have become a part of how very minority Apple comes to its customers. The growing popularity of the Apple retail stores that more than 3,5 million people visit every week and the web site of Apple Apple.com arrive directly to allow more than one hundred millions of customers around the world of new innovative ways.

In the case of the confirmation of the presence of Apple at the Mobile world Congress, we will update this article as a result.

Update: Shortly after posting this article, Apple was removed from the list of exhibitors.

UPDATE 2: Apple said Babel PR does it ” doesn’t have an official presence at the show “, while the organizer of the show told the GSMA Mobile Network can ” confirm that Apple will have space for meetings in the mobile world Congress Since I have had previously. ”

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