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Alternatives to Jack Adapter iPhone 7 to your Layout

apple headphone jack

If something has been mocked the haters of Apple’s new iPhone has been the elimination of the jack of 3.5 mm; although the Moto Z already without of him before this new iPhone, but good. While it is true that brings with it a few EarPods Lightning, will be greatly missed the connector jack in the case that we have other peripherals that we could use with the previous model but now not anymore.

For many, also the reason why Apple has removed the jack on the iPhone 7 it is not reason enough to have done, but if you have decided for something it will be.

Although the of Cupertino have been included in the box of the new Iphone An Adapter Lightning-Jack, it seems that there are people who don’t convince them that ends of having another cable more hanging out. That’s why some have resorted to third-party alternatives as another kind of adapters, docks or even sheaths that include both the connector lightning as the now defunct Jack.

Let’s see three of the most famous alternatives in front of the unconvincing adapter for Apple.


This is an adapter that will allow us to have Jack as much of the lightning without wires. Your price is only 10 $, and you can make with one in his official website.


Lightning Dock

With this dock brought from the hand of Apple, we can also have both connectors on the same basis. I’ll explain in detail in this article. Its price is 39 $, and you can buy it on the website of Apple.

lightning dock

Fuze Cases

This new cover case for iPhone 7 has been the salvation for many and, if you are one of those who are looking for an alternative to keep you with just a connector, I don’t think I can find nothing better. On the one hand, we have both connectors, and on the other will provide us with a load of between 2.400 mah and 3.600 Mah (depending on if we choose for the model plus or for the 4.7-inches).

Still hasn’t come out to the sale, it is a project in phase of crowdfunding and in which you can contribute your part in the web of indiegogo, but their prices seem to be the following:

  • $ 49 if we make a “Super-book” (you are probably already sold out).
  • $ 59 for the reservation.
  • $ 69 standard price once in the market.

apple headphone jack

Which one to choose? It depends on the use to which you go to give. If it’s just to be listening to music while you loads and have it connected to a few speakers through cable Jack, without a doubt the dock. To be using it and holding him at the same time, the adapter iLDock. To take it from here to there, being able to use both connectors in addition to having an extra battery, Holster Fuze.

In any case, we must never resort to alternatives artisans and unreliable as the of the video in which the drill in iPhone 7 to get so a connector Jack.

Do you use a lot of the connector Jack? You see these articles really necessary? Which one of them is the most and the least convinces you? Give us your opinion about it down here.

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