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Alleged iPhone 7 Filter Hours before launch

iphone 7 pictures

Finally, the day has come! Now yes are only a few hours for Apple to meet everyone the new iPhone 7, but until the last minute still coming to light leakage. On this occasion, we have published pictures in which the alleged iPhone 7 is shown, although it is not known for certain whether they are real or not.

These photos show what would be the front and side of the new iPhone 7 part, although there are some inconsistencies with previous Apple packaging that cast doubt on their veracity. On the other hand, do not forget that a few days ago also the sticker would at the bottom of the box leaked, revealing some details of the iPhone 7.

iphone 7 pictures

Will he come here in the future Apple iPhone 7?

In one of the images, the front and side of the box part. It’s seen that on the side the name “iPhone,” albeit with a different source that Apple normally uses for these things. Furthermore, the front of the box shows a picture of the back of the iPhone 7, namely the model rose gold color.

Besides, in another image inside the box shows the area where you would set the iPhone 7. However, the back of the box is displayed, so you do not see any of the specifications that are reflected in the label on that part of the box.

iphone 7 pictures

According to rumors, the iPhone 7 will be accompanied with an improved A10 processor Apple chip, more RAM, 3D Touch sensor and a 12-megapixel camera, among other things. Anyway, within a few hours we will leave doubts … I hope in iPadizate!

Is this the real iPhone 7 or be treated packing some clone smartphone?

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