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Airselfie, the Perfect Gift for Lovers of iPhone

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Yes, I know: you’ve got the Apple watch, you’re facing the Apple Keynote with the same emotion that the Eurovision song contest – we all know it is the best event of the year – and you change your iPhone every year. But face it, you could still be more geek. Don’t worry, in applaplans, we found before anyone else your perfect gift for Christmas: a drone very special. And that is that this is not a drone anyone: fits in the palm of your hand, it’s terribly easy to manipulate, it can also be stored in the holster for your iPhone and controlled by your favorite Apple device. With all of you, the impressive Airselfie.

In recent years the drones have achieved great popularity, although due to the current legislation, its use is quite restricted: its complexity of United Management with its size and reach speeds that make him a toy in the hands of anyone can be a Danger. Thankfully it’s not the case of Airselfie, a drone of small size and use quite intuitive.

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I couldn’t be less, is controlled via an app available for both iOS to Android and can fly up to 20 meters in height. Unfortunately, your flight is about three minutes, so that they can barely take a few snapshots and won’t get far. Its use is quite similar to that of a video game, with three modes of back that are controlled by a joystick on the screen or the accelerometer of your device:

  • Selfie mode: it is the simplest, with two directions that make the drone moves away or approaching you.
  • Way Motion control selfie: enables real-time control through the joystick of the app.
  • Flight mode: where the gadget holds horizontally across the sky. Once you find the right position of shooting, the Airselfie stays and photography its target.

The Airselfie does from 5MP Photos up to videos of 720p, and your battery is charged in just 30 minutes. If you are interested, for less than € 200 you can get it if it goes ahead on Kickstarter, something quite likely given its great reception.

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