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7 Useful Compatible Cydia Tweaks iOS 9.3.x

cydia tweaks ios

This week has been a lot of news about iOS 10 and Apple iPhone 7 . However, the Jailbreak community has continued his march and have appeared new and spectacular Tweaks Cydia for iPhone and iPad.

Among all the tweaks that have been released in Cydia in recent days we have selected the most useful they are compatible with the Jailbreak iOS 9.3.x.

cydia tweaks ios

You still have not installed iOS 10 Jailbreak iOS 9? Then do not miss these fabulous Cydia Tweaks!


AppRestrict is a very interesting tweak that lets you put a limit on specific applications to be more productive during the day time. It is perfect to forbid yourself entertained with social networks or games to do more important things.


FlashAlert is a Cydia tweak that offers the ability to customize alerts with LED flash device in any application you want on your iPhone.


This Cydia tweak is fun and is specially designed for music lovers. With MusicalKeyboard you can replace the sound of keyboard keys iOS 9 musical notes, each key will sound a note random instrument of your choice.


MiNotifier2 is a useful tweak available in Cydia that enhances the functionality of wearable Mi Band 2.

Quick Send

With Quick Send iOS users have the Jailbreak 9 installed will be able to reposition the send button on the interface of rapid response.


If you usually use Spotify, you should Tweakify, as this Cydia tweak is able to put at the top of the queue songs playlists instead of the bottom.


This simple but useful tweak reveals a button to release the lock (accidental) of the rotation of the screen on iPhone and iPad.

What have Cydia tweaks like these? ¿You knew any of them? Were you able and play?

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