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5 iPhone 6s Tricks Using 3D Touch

The new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus come with great new hardware level. One of the new features is the 3D Touch technology, which allows us to perform various actions thanks to pressuring sensitive sensors.
Most users who are thinking of buying one of the new Apple smartphone, which recall will go on sale on October 9 in Spain and Mexico, already know the basic functions…
iphone 6s tricks
However, there are still some secret tricks for using 3D Touch in different applications. In this small tutorial will show you some of them.

Guide to use and tricks for 3D Touch

1. Safari tabs

3D Touch gives us the opportunity to preview the Safari tabs by pressing on them. By using the “Peek” feature by pressing gently we see the show, and when using “Pop ” by pressing harder, we will open the tab.

2. unread messages

Messages application in iOS we can see unread messages without the recipient see that we have read your words when you “peek ” at them.

iphone 6s tricks

3. Contacts

If we use the 3D function Touch photograph of a contact within the Messages, Contacts, Mail, etc. applications , we will see a drop down menu with all contact information. From here we can initiate calls, messages and emails.

4. Quick answers

When pressed gently into a message, we can slide up to see some default quick response messages.

iphone 6s tricks

5. Selecting text

Finally, and as we well indicated from iDownloadblog, if you choose a word and keep your finger pressed to use 3D Touch and slid sideways we will select all the text in a single movement automatically.

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