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3 Cool iPhone Gadgets!

3 Cool iPhone Gadgets!

cool iphone gadgets

So today’s tutorial is about iPhone accessories. I’ve got three of them in front of me, I think they’re pretty coolI ordered them off Amazon, of course, that’s what we’re gonna do in this video Is find out just how cool they are. The world of iPhone accessories is vast. This one the LE LIGHT.
What this is I understand is a case for your iPhone that also has a forward facing light in it and battery. That’s kind of weird looking, how its translucent like that. To illuminate yourself.
Possibly for a selfie. Does it clip in? What are we doing here. It starts with a clip, then a slide It’s a clip and slide. Kind of like a slip-n-slide. The micro USB port there to charge it up and this looks like the power switch down here. So as usual, no juice when I need it! For More Info.
Check out this video I hope you like it.

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